Inward, Hanzo & Randie Consistency of Error LP [Cause4Concern Recordings]

Release Date       21/8/2017

Label                    Cause4Concern Recordings

Cat No                

CAUSE4CONCERN RECORDINGS crown their exquisite and consistent run of timeless, impactful drum & bass with a weighty manifesto from the label's flagship production trio - INWARD, HANZO & RANDIE. Their CONSISTENCY OF ERROR LP follows up a pair of hard-hitting and exceptionally well received releases in the form of the solo 'Squaremouth' EP and the recent collaborative 'Third Kind' EP with Optiv & CZA for C4C Recordings, with tracks from these seeing elite support from the likes of Noisia and Friction amongst others.

With the 'Consistency of Error' LP - Inward, Hanzo & Randie cement their credentials as one of the most exciting emerging production forces in the genre, unleashing 10 utterly searing tracks of tech-fuelled drum and bass onto the population. The product of an entity that's been intensely developing their sound with the direction of veteran pioneers Optiv & CZA. Their emergence from the increasingly creative fertile ground of Italy, also brings with it connection to upwardly dynamic producers Merikan and Synth Ethics, each of whom bring their unique aesthetic to a pair of immaculately delivered collaborations on the LP.

With 'Skorpio' and 'Tune X' already supported on Noisia Radio, and 'Delta Invariant' on heavy rotation from key artists in the d&b scene, the LP is on solid footing. Amongst the bangers, the trio also display their dynamic capacity with tracks such as 'Smoking Mirror', a tune wrapped in metal sensibilities that explores intricate but dense halfstep and 'Ion Jam', which deep dives to sleek roller territory. But it's the driven heavy sonics that lead the LP, with filth such as Dirt' and 'Pierce' bringing a pure brand of carnage that will undoubtedly be churning massive raves along with the aforementioned 'Delta Invariant' and 'Skorpio'.

C4C Recordings prove definitely their ability in spotting emerging talent, having introduced successful French trio 'Signs' to the d&b sphere in the past, it makes sense to pay attention when they choose a fresh act to champion. The future is very bright for Inward, Hanzo & Randie with this trio of fast-moving producers' intricate ear for complex production realising such devastating results. Expect to hear their names on an exponentially growing cycle.