Vici - Space Traveler

Vici - Space Traveler

Released : 27th November, 2020

Label : Impact Music

Catolog : IMPCT036

After his beautiful single on the label a few months ago, Vici is back with another fantastic release on Impact Music!

‘Space Traveller’, EP's track title, is up first on the track listing, with its punching kick drums penetrating the composition, standing as one of the track’s defining features. Its scuttling bassline sits amongst the record’s deeper aspects, creating an amazing futuristic soundscape.

‘Concentrate’ pulls you forward amongst smashing layers of percussion and pads which add to its impact segment by segment.

Then ‘Digital Erasure’ is the final submission, with sweeping atmospherics leading into cranking breakdowns accentuated by each of the track’s winding bass rhythms. From beginning to end, it becomes a defining characteristic of the EP and its an introspective exploration of how Vici manages his craft.

Genuinely though, we’re seriously proud to be putting out the music that we are right now, and honoured to be in a position where producers like Vici feel they even want to release with us.

With plenty more music in the pipeline, this exciting producer based in Grenoble is certainly one to watch. Keep your eyes peeled for this stunning release.

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