Total Science - No Smoking (T>I Remix)

Total Science - No Smoking (T>I Remix)

Release Date: 09/02/2024

Label: Computer Integrated Audio

Catalog: CIAQS 066

It’s like they were ahead of their time. Like they’d foreseen a time that would one day come. A bleak time some might say. The best of times, the worst of times. Depending what side of the Fag Ash Lil fence you might sit upon. That day when it was no longer acceptable to spark one up, whilst you waited at the bus stop for the 4 to take you home after a long hard day at the coalface. Or at the Working Mans Club. Or at the god damn club.

No Smoking! they’d say. It’s bad for you! they’d say. Perhaps you can tell that this author is a little biased towards one of life’s little pleasures that they call smoking. But Total Science seem to sit on the other side of the fence as for them, it’s all about ‘No Smoking’.

I for one would love to know where that title came from, because as somebody who’s had the (dubious?) pleasure to spend some time with Messers Quiff and Smithy, I don’t think they were ever particularly keen on smoking. Maybe before in a past life?

Luckily for us, their classic ‘No Smoking’ has been given the remix treatment by the man with the biggest bass in the business. Mr Colmans as I called him before (he didn’t like it apparently, I think that’s unfair), the man who means big bad bass business, man like T>I, has stepped into Quiff’s (big running ones) and Smithy’s (smaller Air Max 1’s) shoes to bring it into 2023. And as per damn usual, it’s pure heat. Get your laughing gear around that, it’s like smoking a pack of 20 in one go!

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Posted by Brenton Clerkin