Total Science - The Hardcore Will Never Die Years - Squash (Break Remix)

Total Science - The Hardcore Will Never Die Years - Squash (Break Remix)

Release Date: 24/06/2022

Label: C.I.A

Catalog: CIAQS043

Y2K saw the release of Total Science’s anthem ‘Champion Sound’ Hardcore Will Never Die remix. Lurching into a new millennium, with promises of system meltdown, the end of civilisation as we know it and all other sorts of madness, its dissonant and edgy feel captured the moment perfectly. And consequently it was almost impossible to go to a Drum & Bass rave and not have this soundtrack of 2000 pummelling your eardrums then, and also ever since.

Seen as one of the defining tunes of the genre, it has now spawned it’s own spinoff series, ‘The Hardcore Will Never Die Years’ remixes. Promising several remixes of some of the duo’s most seminal tracks from the early 2000s, from some of the biggest and best producers in the scene currently, we can now be assured of a whole host of new dancefloor weapons.

And starting the series in true style is Break, with his ridiculous remix of ‘Squash’. A massive tune in it’s own right, ‘Squash’ was always going to need a serious working over to be bettered; and if you could trust one man to do it, it would be Break. Keeping all the original elements, brining them up to 2022 standard and then injecting his own trademark to proceedings, we are now left with everything that is good about this music in Y2K22.

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Posted by Brenton Clerkin