Too Greezey - MadMan Ft. Thunda Banton / Very Bad

Too Greezey - MadMan Ft. Thunda Banton / Very Bad

Release Date       11th May 2018

Label                    Nuke Records


Prepared for warfare, here's an Incoming Atomic bomb of many many megatons!!!

For this release head honcho Too Greezey continues to show why his name is apt and he really needs a shower, showcasing two very different but still absolute stinking sonic scorchers.

MadMan" finds Thunda Banton on vocal duties providing a summery slice of junglist jump up. This cut rolls through with a warm sublime sub bass, killer kicks drums and a rattling schizophrenic snare that is perfect to wind you waist at any rave where they play drum n bass. Definitely a festival friendly frequency!!

"Very Bad" is a much darker and harder affair and provides the perfect contrast on this release. This one is a dance floor destroyer that mixes one part roller, one part wobbler and ridiculous amount of attitude to create the perfect rave recipe. The pulsating synth bass is the star of the show here as it weaves in and out on the silence of the track threatening to wreck any rig this is played on. This is hood up hat down DnB at its finest.

Nuke accepts no responsibility for any radiation poisoning caused from speaker stacks across the land glowing green from this bomb that's just been dropped.




Posted By Mike Bennett (fuzzyfeltman)