Tomoyoshi - Trip is Over

Tomoyoshi - Trip is Over

Release Date: July 7th, 2022

Label: Murky Digital 

Catalog: MURKEP 037

Murky Digital prepares to take you on a dark and haunting, psychedelic experience with their latest eerie musical offering, Trip Is Over.

Japan-born, Berlin-based producer Tomoyoshi has created a truly unique experience of a downward spiral into madness following mind altering substances. Trip Is Over presents a dark vision of drum and bass where conscious shattering synth riffs and horror film atmospherics collide through a dark and deadly trip. Conceptual but with a dancefloor grounding, this EP will delight heads who like their D&B gritty, spooky and with lots of low-end action!

'Anxiety' kicks off Trip Is Over. The opening sonics are made up of chiming bells and single piano notes, creating a tonal dissonance that evokes the deathly atmosphere of dread. As the drums enter the mix, the haunting bells continue to chime, the track eventually dropping into warbling bass lines and glitchy samples, just as the trip is ready to take shape.

Up next is a portal to another dimension through '21 Grams'. Synths wash over the speakers like waves of illusion, the lack of drums giving the track an initially weightless feel. In the verse, bass flickers like light across a window, switching from intricate riffs to deep sub-bass patterns in an instant. Breakneck percussion ties everything together, driving the track forward with force to the next stage of madness.

'Deep Fried', as the brain may be by this point, lays down jet propeller bass lines that whizz and whir over sturdy percussion as your brain descends into chaos, while '40Hz Zombies' leads with dual low-end patterns and macabre synth lines to the point you may question your own reality.

The title track, 'Trip Is Over', closes the EP and ends the psychedelic torment. Here, metronomic bass patterns wobble, bathed in the type of effects that make the rib cage shake. It's a weighty end to the record, snapping you back to reality.

Trip Is Over will arrive to Juno Download and Spotify on 30th June, landing on all digital platforms a week later on 7th July and is not for the faint of heart. Experienced psychonauts only.

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