Task Horizon - Respawned: Shrink Ray (Phace Remix)

Task Horizon - Respawned: Shrink Ray (Phace Remix)

Release Date: 24/11/2023

Label: Evolution Chamber

Catalog: EVOC032

‘Respawned’ is a remix series consisting of a thoughtfully diverse collection of artists across Drum & Bass, each hand-picked by Task Horizon to re-imagine their back catalogue. This endeavour merges Task Horizon's original compositions with the unique artistic expressions of each selected artist, giving a fresh lease of life to every track and presenting novel perspectives.

To grace the third installment of ‘Respawned’ comes courtesy of the talented German - Phace. With a career spanning two decades and a portfolio of releases on some of the most prominent labels in the scene, including Critical, Vision, Subtitles, Blackout, Renegade Hardware, and his very own Neosignal imprint, Phace is acknowledged as both a seasoned veteran and innovator in the Neurofunk realm.

Assuming control of the remix responsibilities, the Hamburg-based pioneer has infused the his signature sound design and boundless energy while bowing grace to the original track, resulting in a techno-driven, rhythmic, and lively reinterpretation, that weaves in and out with dashes of 4x4 sections and glistening Phace magic. This remix is certain to be a favourite from the ‘Respawned’ series.

With Phace at the helm for the third installment, you can rest assured that we have many more exciting surprises in store.

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Posted by Brenton Clerkin