Sweet N Sikka - Ridiculous & Relative Pressure

Natty Dub Recordings Is The Collective Brainchild Of Cabin Fever Uk And Patman. Set Up In 2012 For Releasing The Collective’s Preferred Styles Of High Impact Jungle/Drum & Bass Music-- Always Rolling And Always Funk-Driven.

All Natty Dub Soldiers Reporting For Duty! Taking Point And Leading Off 2017, We’ve Enlisted Two New Recruits From A Small Mining Village In The North Of England—We’re Proud To Introduce Sweet N Sikka. Sweet N Sikka, “Ridiculous”. Expansive Atmospherics Help To Survey The Scene, Swirling Fx Lock Onto The Intended Target, And We’re Marching Straight To The Front Of The Venue On The Intro. At The Well-Timed Drop, The Track Kicks In The Front Door And The Club’s Soundsystem Is Hit With The Cocktail Of A Heavyweight Sub Basslines, Running Breaks, Snappy Drums, And Enough Tense Stabs To Make Your Rambo Knife Jealous. “This Place Is Ridiculous!” Sweet N Sikka, “Relative Pressure”.

Sweet N Sikka Have Built A Transport Vehicle For The Squad, And This One’s Not For The Sunday Driver— Hope You’re All Keeping Up With Your Fitness Requirements! Slick Atmospherics Set Up The Load-In, And On Acceleration We Have A Heavy G-Force Inducing Bassline That Will Propel The Dancefloor Forward Alongside A Driven Break. Expect “Changes In The Pulse, Changes In The Blood Volume, And Changes In Relative Pressure!” Stay On Target With Natty Dub Recordings, We’ve Got Lots Of Plans Underway For 2017! We Want To Know Your Thoughts On This Release And How It’s Doing Out In The Field.


Send In Your Feedback, And Stay Tuned For More Club Ammunition From Natty Dub Recordings! Released February 6, 2017 on Natty Dub Recordings