Streetz of Rage - When The World Falls EP

Streetz of Rage - When The World Falls EP

Release Date: December 10th, 2021

Label: Formation Records 

Catalog: Form12 335

Formation Records 4-man crew of Birmingham-based producers ‘Streetz of Rage’ have been smashing it and are ready to serve you their fully charged ‘When the World Falls’ E.P.

The unsettling arpeggiators and gritty pads of the titled track will have you counting down the seconds in a sense of dread, while the drop ushers in menacing sonics for a truly deep, dark and gully experience on this heavy-duty creeper.

The apocalyptic ‘Zombie Juice’ is just as curdling as expected. The tight drums, eerie keys and flesh-eating sound effects will have you feeling as if you're the last one on earth stuck in the vast sense of spaciousness, waiting for the deep, dark, drop.

‘Down’ is the calm after the storm. It is the sensational number showcasing their unique varied sound in the genre. Filled with soft atmospheres, crafted grooves and rolling bass notes, this concluding masterpiece is not one to be ignored.

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