State of Mind & Coppa - Red Sky

State of Mind & Coppa - Red Sky

Release: July 4th, 2024


Catalog: EATBRAIN 188

As night fell upon the city, the oppressive slate grey clouds that had hovered above the skyline for days took on an echo of its luminosity, their undersides turning a distinctive pinkish color that illuminated the otherwise moonless night with an otherwordly glow. As the neon lights that guided the citizens who did business beneath the night shone on, high atop a fog-veiled corporate tower the final page of a pillaged tome turned in the hands of an avaricious businessman, who uttered the ancient words that lay upon the page even as it crumbled at his touch. “Kiramiji…Akasham… Anayantu…” he muttered, entranced as his final words slipped from his mouth as the book’s ancient prophecy became as foretold. Instantly exsanguinated, his oxidized blood rushed through the tower’s crowning skylights in a torrent and upwards into the sky as their vital energies set the winds of a divine storm in motion.

Emerging then from the swirling vortex of crimson-tinged cumulonimbus clouds came a guttural and otherworldly utterance that struck like a sledgehammer against the glass panes of the city’s construction before being followed by the scarlet tentacles of a forgotten horror long since sealed. Though gargantuan in size, their suction-cupped tendrils seemed almost sensitive to the minute movements of the humans that struggled within their grasp, almost playful as the thousand teeth of each cupped limb sucked the blood from their bodies and discarded their desiccated corpses upon the streets below. Such an ancient evil was this that it exuded a malign and rapacious consciousness in its unending hunger, as for aeons none had seen such horrors as the RED SKY unleashed.

STATE OF MIND return to EATBRAIN with RED SKY, a monstrous single featuring the vocal incantations of MC COPPA as the trio of EATBRAIN veterans unleash their latest collaboration of the ears of their faithful horde.

Written by Gwen Kubik

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