Skuff - Refections EP

Skuff - Refections EP

Release Date: 09/10/2020

Label: Ten Ton Beats

Catalog: TTD30

Skuff returns to the Ten Tons camp with and it has to be said he's delivered some of his finest work. Here at Ten Tons UK we fully embrace the 360 degrees of drum and bass and this EP is no exception to that rule.The lead track on this EP feature the vocals of one of dnb's rising stars Iffy, Who has featured on Ten Tons with Skuff before, (Illusions) and this latest one does not disappoint on any level, soulful vocals from Iffy with Skuff's musicianship and tech savvy clearly evident, this track just sends tidal waves of liquid perfection, its a must for any dnb supporter in their right mind.Following that we have a track that label owner Project Lando was very pleased to put out as part of this EP, Sunflowers is a tribute to a little boy who sadly passed away from cancer (McKenzie) very young. Lando & Skuff know his parents very well, they both fully support putting this track out, the proceeds will be going to a charity of their choice, There is only one word for this track BEAUTIFUL.To think there are also two more tracks on this no dead weight EP, EVERY stands alone but as a body of work the whole thing is just EPIC.

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Posted by Brenton Clerkin