Shipment Studios - Three Friends Transform Shipment Container Into Top Class Studio

Shipment Studios - Three Friends Transform Shipment Container Into Top Class Studio

Shipment studios opened their doors to the public last month and we decided to check it out for ourselves.These three friends did something extraodinary.Located in Winterbourne-Bristol with beautiful surroundings Alfie,Liam, and Jack transformed a out of use shipment container into a top class Dj and music production studio.With all 3 of them having full time 9-5 jobs they created this fantastic space in only just 4 months.

Once inside the studio,you would never guess you are in a shipping container.These three guys have done such an amazing job of this,really something to be proud of!

From left to right, Jack Houston-Alfie Richardson-Liam Scapens.

We caught up with the guys to tell their story and answer a few questions:

How did this idea come about?

Liam - "The idea stemmed with Me and Alfie wanting our own business so we could be more independent and essentially be our own bosses long term. However, with me and Jack starting music production at the start of lockdown, the idea of having our own music studio space which people could openly use, seemed like an opportunity the 3 of us could not miss. Funnily enough over a couple of messages, Jack mentioned that his family said "Why don't you have a studio inside a shipping container" minus the fact we had no land to put it on and that is where Alfie got involved. With the lack of affordable studio spaces in Bristol, it seemed like a great idea because: We would be upcycling and more eco friendly It will be more cost effective long term It is a unique selling point because there is not already a business offering this Room for expansion with additional shipping containers further down the line It was a perfect template for us to design the studio The square footage of the container fitted perfectly in the land allocated The full project was developed in Alfie’s shed, as funny as that sounds, it’s true. The shipping container aspect just seemed the perfect housing for the studio. Previous to the concept we were still in lockdown, so therefore we had a zoom call to have a chat about the idea and where to go from there".

What was building it like?

"Surreal, tough, and it put us well out of our comfort zone but it was a rewarding experience for sure. Seeing each phase of construction complete was a massive boost to morale. We would finish our 9-5’s and go straight to the studio every day, working until 10pm most days, and weekends all day! The drive/positive atmosphere we all had even when we had setbacks, to get it complete was something we will never forget. We would like to give a big shout out to everyone that helped us throughout the project. They supported us massively in achieving the quality and the vision itself, that we initially dreamed of".

"Day 1 of shipment studios, when we secured the land 1. Container delivery day 2. Installation of tecsound Sy50 acoustic membrane (to 3. Stud walling installation 4. Installing the insulation and first fix electrics (both of which we did ourselves) 5. Cutting and installing plywood as well as polyfilling. 6. Priming walls and ceiling and installation of doors 7. Painting 8. Installation of production room/booth window. 9. Building our desks from scaffolding planks and installing in each room aswell as flooring (We used an acoustic rubber matting to dampen the overall sound of the container and reduce vibrations from outside) 10. Installing acoustic panels in the DJ and production room. 11. After the 2nd fix electrics was completed, we finalised the project by installing all equipment and accessories."

When renting the space, customers have use of all of the below where they can pick and choose which tech they want to make use of:
Room 1: DJ & Livestreaming Premium DJ room including the facilities for live streaming. 1x DJM-900NXS2 2x CDJ-3000’s 2x RCF ART-315A MK4 PA Speakers 1x Shure SM58 Microphone Logitech C920 Webcam Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface.
Room 2: Music Production space with audio/vocal booth including the facilities for podcasting. 2x Yamaha HS8’s Audio Technica ATH M-50x Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro x3 Rode NT1-A Microphone - x3 Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol A49 Keyboard Focusrite scarlett 18i8 Audio Interface LG Ultrawide 25 Inch Monitor.
The users of the studio have been predominantly DNB based but we would like to stress that this studio is for any genre, and anyone of any skill!
"Alongside the studio we have also created a clothing brand, Shipment. So far we have designed and produced t-shirts which we offer at the studio and through our website. In the up and coming months we will be adding limited-drop hoodies to our collection. We wanted this to be a special clothing brand rather than just merch because we have always been interested in designing and selling clothing on top of our interest in music".
Liam,Jack and Alfie said that their love for music and its power has been the driving force behind this project and they did not dissapoint!
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