Secula - Blinded Memories / Summon

Secula - Blinded Memories / Summon

Release Date: 13/08/2021


Catalog: DIVIDID019

According to Secula, the inspiration for the groundbreaking tracks Blinded Memories and Summon came from various different genres and personal experiences.

Blinded Memories is a more personal and emotional track, while Summon is perfectly suited for the dancefloor. Secula was passionate and eager to make something that no one had ever heard before. For this reason, he has been experimenting with songwriting to set his music apart. In terms of structure, both songs are unique.

Summon has a nontraditional structure and Blinded memories starts at a breakbeat-esque tempo, only to evolve into Drum and Bass later on. Although Secula has a preference for the more complex and abstract side of music, he thinks that the beautiful thing about music is that it is purely subjective and open to interpretation.

If it's a vibe, it's a vibe.

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Posted by Brenton Clerkin