Satin - Jungle Den with Lion Dub & Coda Remixes


When a jungle track drops in my inbox, labeled as a jungle track i'm always wary if it's jungle or a drum and bass cross over, with a dnb kick snare being more predominant. Since writing for this site, i've also been extra careful not to drop drum and bass tracks into the jungle category. 

When Ed - who goes by the name DJ Satin dropped this in my mail box, I was quite excited to hear, as not only is this a brilliant example in my opinion of a 2017 produced jungle track but we have 2 great drum and bass remixes followed up firstly with Lion Dub (who plays after me on Kool London every fortnight and is a great ambassador of our music) who brings a more minimal sound to his drum and bass remix using the vocals saying "the number one champion" effectively with the odd break out of a huge jungle break giving you a nice surprise. 

Secondly Coda comes with a drum and bass remix for this release on Hum Druma recordings which is certainly heavier and definitely one for those wanting a more tear out jump up track with a huge wobbly underground bassline.

Worth checking out? Certainly.

Words by Missrepresent.

Release date tbc.