Reaper - Make a move

Reaper - Make a move

Release: April 9th, 2021

Label: Bassrush Records

Catalog: BR112

Reaper returns to the frontlines to rally the troops on “MAKE A MOVE,” his third single to surface on Bassrush Records.

Nothing can stand in the way of the enigmatic force that is REAPER, a mysterious figure who has been hellbent on leading the charge for the next wave of drum & bass heads with an aggressive sound that has left the competition shaking in their boots. In the last year, the prolific producer has been on a warpath alongside the Bassrush camp, earning his stripes by way of his label debut arriving in the form of the harbinger of chaos, "Hysteria,' in-cahoots with the like-minded Awoltalk, and again on the subsequent standalone single "Pulse."

He’s now ready to execute his next plan of attack with “MAKE A MOVE.” The new single shows him enacting a fresh cinematic tactic while still employing his signature jump-up strategy in full force. An infectious and relentless vocal loop acts as a rallying cry, calling all hands on deck to mobilize around a ruthless lead you’d follow until the track’s triumphant end.

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