Paranoiac Del - Cinematic EP

Paranoiac Del - Cinematic EP

Release Date: 2010/2023

Label: Paperfunk Recordings

Catalog: PPRFNK056

We are proud to present "Cinematic EP," a musical journey from Paranoiac Del, where every sound weaves into a cinematic fabric for your ears. In this EP, each track is a world of drama and epic scale, from powerful bass lines to gentle melodies, painting vivid scenes in your imagination.

The creation of "Cinematic EP" was a massive endeavor, requiring exceptional precision and a deep dive into the minutiae to achieve a sense of full immersion, comparable to a cinematic experience. This album is designed to show how music can create worlds, evoke laughter, tears, and make us the heroes of our own stories.

Join us on this thrilling journey and let "Cinematic EP" show you how music and cinematic worlds can intertwine, creating a unique atmosphere of grandeur and drama.

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Posted by Brenton Clerkin