Optiv presents: Traced [Red Light Records]

Release Date       1st September 2017

Label                    Red Light Records

Cat No                  RLDIG031

The vein which pulses throughout the darker realms of drum & bass is given life by imprints such as Red Light Records. Since the beginning they’ve prided themselves in spearheading some of the scene’s most infectious releases, spreading like viruses across the European circuits every corner. Their influence is something which has steadily grown, manifesting itself in both record collections and nightclub speakers. Whether it’s with more long-standing artists, or burgeoning newcomers, they have continued to dominate the genre’s fiercer world. And this next release yet again showcases their A&R flex, drawing on Traced to deliver a double sided single which will enable Red Light to build on their extensive fan base which stretches to even the most dimly lit dancefloors.

Dark D joins Traced on mic duties for ‘Darker Days’, using his moody, growling vocal undertones to help give flight to an expert production engineering. The track begins with a foreboding atmosphere, one which gradually builds layer upon layer until it’s pushed to breaking point, cascading into an anarchy which is laid bare by its cataclysmic drums and pumping bassline. Traced isn’t afraid to go for the aural arteries, ripping and tearing with each peddle of bass-heavy distortion and snapping with his gigantic sonic teeth. Be careful what you wish for, because Traced signals a whole new generation of music producers who expose their intimidating skill set and manufacturing line-like work ethic for all to see. And who else better to give that a platform than Red Light Records?

‘Killer’ is up next to join the fray, pushing forward with each articulated set of beats. Traced is unafraid to grab you by your synpases, shooting shot after shot of lazer-based groove and hitting harder with every relay. For an artist who is only just beginning to pave his way within the genre’s history books, both tracks are an impressive example of what he’s still yet to unleash. With the backing of Red Light Records, he’s about to take possession of the murkier dominion. And by joining its roster, Traced has learnt to take no prisoners – just like the formidable imprint.