Ogstan - Horribalistic EP

Ogstan - Horribalistic EP

Release Date: 12/07/2024

Beatport Exclusive: 28/06/2024

Label: Gorilla Warfare

Catalog: GW 091

Ogstan is 21 year old Will Patterson; raised in Bournemouth and living in Brighton. Ogstan is a family name, chosen to stand out, just like his music.

When he’s not making banging tunes he’s a barber, and we think he’s a cut above the rest. Ogstan’s journey has come full circle already; his first raves were Jungle Cakes nights and now he’s releasing music on the label. When he’s not producing, DJ’ing or giving fresh trims, Ogstan promotes midweek multi-genre night Malware Sound in Brighton. The Horribalistic EP is 4 slabs of immaculately produced jungle, made for the dancefloor.

Title track Horribalistic hits hard, a full on jungle assault with help from Dan Mercer; a friend from electronic music college.

Bonkaz is dirty rolla, complete with 90s synth stabs for a heady rave vibe,

Quickrush is a techy, glitchy journey into the digital universe.

Energize completes the EP; a tough rolla cut against a surprisingly light melody. So get the Horribalistic EP on your USB and welcome him to the Jungle Cakes family.

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Posted by Brenton Clerkin