Molecular - Ultron / Dunkin [Ekou Recordings]

Molecular - Ultron / Dunkin [Ekou Recordings]

Release Date       November 2nd, 2020

                             Beatport Exc: October 19th 2020

Label                    Ekou Recordings

Cat No                  EKOU007

We are back with another single and this time we went to the south of Europe to get it!
Molecular, 22 years old from Porto, Portugal has produced Ultron and Dunkin for us and we are really happy with this single!
Molecular has music released on labels like Counterpoint, Fokuz Recordings, Delta9 Recordings, Skankandbass and a few more and now we belong to this list too. His signature sound is very related with funky beats and deep rolling basslines and these 2 tracks are proof. His biggest inspirations are the likes of DLR, Break, Ed Rush, Optical, C4C, Fierce and his sound is converging into that direction too.
This is another producer we really believe in and rate very highly and this will be the start of our journey together. He is extremely talented and a country fellow man of ours so it only makes sense we work with him! UIltron and Dunkin will be out in October of 2020 and they bang!

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