Mindhead - Wasteland

Mindhead - Wasteland

Release: July 6th, 2020

Label: High Resistance

Catalog: HIRE004

The year was 2040. High Resistance Corporation, which was engaged in space exploration and communication with planets outside the Solar system, has long been in contact and exchanged experiences with creatures from the incredible beauty of the planet called Atlantis.

During the next scan of the Universe, analyzers showed powerful energy, at this point, the second planet observer reported that the picture of her lost, it meant a complete loss the connection with satellites. it was decided to send into orbit this planet operational rapid response team to determine what happened. As they approached the planet, their suspicions were immediately aroused. From a distance, it looked like a desolate Mars. Not so long ago, flowers grew here and the greatest of all existing races lived here, but in an instant, everything changed, now you need to try to find at least one living soul. When we installed the image, we were terrified. Fear enveloped these lands a s if the seven horsemen of the Apocalypse had swept everything away and left nothing in their path.

After a long scan of the area, the crew received the signal of the surviving "Atlanta", located near the planned landing site.

In search of survivors of the sage landed a group of space marines (Synestika&Mellanox) led by the commander and part-time physicist Mindhead.

What was their surprise when only after the landing signal they heard the primal roar. This was immediately followed by a huge earthquake. they saw the surface of the planet split, and an invisible monster, more like a reptile, crawled out of this depression. Turning around, the crew realized that their breakwater had collapsed right into this split. And now there is no hope of salvation, when suddenly after the monster flies the same missing Atlantean (old man) and begins a battle that was like the greatest battle, a battle that has not yet seen the light. The very sight of these creatures made the ground dry. The clouds were thickening, and the dust stood in a column, as before a thunderstorm. They fought to the death for twenty-four hours. Our team of course was fully prepared and did not stand aside, tried their best to help Atlanta. A day later, we still managed to destroy it, but with what victims. Atlantean fell, but before his death, he told how it happened. How reptiles invaded their home and swept away everything in their path. On his last breath, he showed us the way to the underground laboratory where the biomaterials for creating such things are stored. He asked us to do everything but keep the peace in the Universe and not prevent the mistakes they made.

The team recorded all the events and passed the materials to the information processing Department of the high resistance Corporation, and after processing, we present them to you. You can plunge into the whole atmosphere of what is happening and it is safe to say that you will be surprised.

Documentation of the 004 cases dubbed Wasteland will be released on July 6. On this day we will reveal all the secrets of this operation.

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