JDNB Premiere - Scout 22 - Anti Life EP [BrainRave Music]

JDNB Premiere - Scout 22 - Anti Life EP [BrainRave Music]

JDNB Premiere - You Heard It Here First!

This time around we highlight Scout 22 - Anti Life EP, forthcoming on BrainRave Music (16/02/2024).

BrainRave Music are steadily proving themselves a force to be reckoned with amongst neurofunk drum & bass circles, and they show no signs of slowing down with a heater of an EP. Following releases by the likes of NEMY, Kenney, Rico and not forgetting their thumping Cortex Chronicles Volume One album, BrainRave Music have had a very solid year.

Keeping that momentum rolling heavily is none other than Scout 22 who has provided a thunderous piece of art. Featuring four pulverising tracks, Anti Life is sure to be a go to for many selectors and will cause ructions within USBs and on dance floors all over the continent.

With projects spanning across many electronic genres, Matt perfected his craft through lockdown and has since proven to be an extremely busy and sought after producer. Previous releases with Eatbrain, Program, Dispatch and his own label, Shadownet, respectively prove that Scout 22 has heaviness oozing throughout and has a hugely promising journey ahead of him.

Dr. Cortex better have his best equipment out on the table as Anti Life is full of dark, brain altering twists and turns. So strap yourselves in, sound the alarms and brace yourself as we learn about Anti Life…

Anti Life
The title track of the EP is a mind-bending way to kick off proceedings. With an introduction full of sharp slaps and a voice to send shivers down many a spine, it perfectly builds to a drop of distorted sounds that are greatly gruesome. Deep and low basslines accompanied by occasional snappy sirens, blasting neuro breaks and a continuing build through the breakdown lead up to choppy synths that cut through you like a scalpel on Dr Cortex’ operating table.

More enchantingly melodic in the earlier stages and building up into a sword slashing scream. This track drops with softer snares and a low distorted bassline to put a fierce frown on any dance floor dweller. The breakdown brings melodies accompanied by harmonic chants all while building up to a face melting second drop filled with darkness and rampaging snares.

Ride On
With an intro with a jazz piano sound, an occasional bass tease and breaks in between, this melodic build up drops into a heavy bassline to make your jaw clench. Sprinkled with tings and clapping snares before a breakdown, this track is sure to make bring smiles in front of the speakers.

Your Own
The final track of the EP, building up with mind racing string melodies and progressive rolling drums, drops into thunderous, body jolting basslines which simmer into a breakdown of choppy strings before returning with an almighty bang.

A strong release by Scout 22 and BrainRave Music ensures they start the year as they mean to go on in what could be a big year for neurofunk.

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Posted by Brenton Clerkin