Jack The Ripper ft. MC Kolapse

Release date : August 4th 2017 Cornwall’s notable Jack the Ripper summons the beast on Digital Terror Records. JTR shreds up another batch of wicked tunes for his Tactical EP featuring MC Kolapse, bringing hellish bars and beats to the dance with a sound so cohesive you’d think that they were made for each other. With a title as fitting as the Tactical EP, JTR and MC Kolapse seem to work in tandem like a team of assassins, expertly wielding their gritty bass, punchy drums and eerie vibes. Kolapse shines with an impressive bag of witty, party inspired hooks sure to get the raver’s feet shuffling. With the current jump up dnb scene growing more by the minute, the Tactical EP stands out as an artistic statement in tumultuous times.

“Martian” Jack and Kolapse reach the outer limits with “Martian” introduced with eerie pads and Kolpase’s dapper tone. The pulse pounding drum work leads the way with JTR’s throaty bass rips.

“Exterminator” Setting the bar with chord stabs and another clever hook from the lyrical invader, “Exterminator” is easily the most steppy number on the EP yet. JTR cranks up the pitch high for a frenzied and terror inducing effect.

“Prophecy” Powerful modulated synths and big bass! “Prophecy” has a dark and dirty vibe with Kolapse announcing the impending doom headed your way. Combined with more skanky beats this tune is sure to be a favorite on the festival circuit.

“Tactical Insertion” JTR and Kolapse are here to brief you of your mission: smash up di place and leave no trace! With it’s unassuming intro and ready to rock vocal, the head banging continues as soon as this tune drops.