Grand Theft Audio 50 - LP Sampler Part 4

Grand Theft Audio 50 - LP Sampler Part 4

Released: 12 November, 2021

Label: Grand Theft Audio

Cat: GTAR050LPS 4

NVRSOFT is best known for her hugely successful EP’s on Shimon’s Audioporn imprint. She’s teamed up with Grand Theft Audio’s SOLA, who have been putting out tracks on Program, Korsakov and Formation as well as GTA. The result, FALLING, is a haunting mix of liquid and techy roller with growling reeces, blistering drum work, clever use of FX, and focused basslines. Lots of switch ups including a bridge section with a cool falling bass to match the tune’s name.

Singer SAMMIE HALL, fresh from her hugely successful sample pack for Shogun Audio, makes her triumphant return to Grand Theft Audio alongside newcomers FARSIGHT.They’ve made something very special indeed in the form of NO TURNING BACK. A lush and unhurried intro with one of Sammie’s most emotional performances so far gives way to a drop with syncopated drums and bouncy meandering basses. After 32 bars, the redrop takes it out of liquid territory and turns it into a techy, growling untameable beast. This tune truly takes the listener on a journey, as cliché as that may sound, in this case it’s true.

VEKTRAL is a master of every style he puts his hand to and this latest track, WHERE DID YOU GO, is no different. Equal parts melancholy and euphoric, yet at the same time equal parts liquid and dancefloor, this emotional tune continues the upward trend of an artist whose sound is maturing with each offering. Camo and Krooked style drums with ultra-sidechained subs, mid bass and synth line, the tune feels like a living breathing organism as it pulls you in and out. Unreal.

Grand Theft Audio head honchos NOTHING TO LOSE & ECHIDNA get the remix treatment from a sinister sounding CHARLIE B. It’s actually his first remix for the label, and we very much hope it’s not his last. Pitching down the catchy vocals of DUBBUL-O (of popular UK Hip Hop group Mouse Outfit) Charlie mashes up the jungle vibes with dark roller aggression for high impact mayhem, guaranteed to rock jaws.

ORGANIX recently impressed us with their colab Leave Your World Behind with Sola on Formation Records so we asked them to make us something funky for GTA 50 and boy did they deliver! UPZ & DOWNZ combines light breaky drums with danceable synthwork, deep basses, a lovely vocal sample, old skool flavours and progressive reese laden switch ups.

What can we say about TIDAL GROOVE other than it’s one of the most unique tracks we’ve ever had the pleasure of signing? With it’s off-kilter steppy rhythm, one note bass growls and flamboyant end of 8 bar drum fills, this is a hell of a debut from RAEDFORD (actually to his first release ever anywhere) and ends the first half of the 50 track LP in pure style.

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Posted By: DJ Rsa