Good 2Bad And Hugly - Junglist Explorers Volume 2

Good 2Bad And Hugly - Junglist Explorers Volume 2

Release Date: 28/01/2022

Bandcamp Exclusive: 14/01/2022

Label: 2Bad Recordings

Catalog: 2BADDL009

First there was Junglist Explorers then there was Junglist Explorers Vol 2 and just like that, Good 2Bad And Hugly is back with a vengeance!

'Hypocrites' channels eerie FX across layered, crisp breaks with a nod to oldskool Hardcore and Ragga Jungle. Haunting melodies provide the atmosphere and intensity on a track that stays in sixth gear from start to finish.

'Memories' takes it back to the early Drumfunk and Techstep era with a deep, ominous bassline, filtered, flanging breaks and tight knit riffs woven into this DnB tapestry of richness.

'Running Out of Time' is the stark warning we all need, a fresh repaint of oldskool Jungle right up to the early 00s Bristol DnB sound. A devastating wobbly bassline cuts through the mix of cinematic strings and klaxon like hoovers, peppered with sound system style sirens.

'Sing' is the one that Pre 94 oldskool ravers will love! There is a Timeless era Goldie feel to this fusion of machine soul and 1993 style Hardcore Junglism balancing deep euphoric sections with the rush of fear and delight of hurtling into the deepest recesses of the universe.

'Such A Long Time' combines poignant, heartfelt soul with militant drums and Sci Fi synths on a future facing foray into Jungle 2.0 made for tearing the roof at Fabric.

Beats and bars go hand and hand on the pull no punches 'Wha Do Dem' abound with catchy, thoughtful rhymes, pounding amen breaks and elements of Ska & Dub. Also included is an instrumental and acapella for DJs who like to get creative in their sets.

Good 2Bad and Hugly boldly goes to newfound explorations in the galaxies of Jungle and DnB with intrepid and inspiring sounds and a range of moods and themes. It's Jungle Jim, but not as we know it!

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Posted by Brenton Clerkin