Gold Dubs - Jungle Is Changing E.P.

Gold Dubs - Jungle Is Changing E.P.

Released : December 4th, 2020

Label : Serial Killaz

Catolog : KILLAZ068DIG

Gold Dubs have had a very busy year so far and to top it all off - a release on the biggest
jungle label in existence. ‘Jungle Is Changing’ is certainly one hell of a bold statement,
however, with some serious backing from Serial Killaz, it’s something we are all willing to roll

Hopping straight into the Gold Dubs spaceship and straight into oblivion with ‘Distress Call’.
One for the hardstep crew with its filtered out breaks and midrange bass notes, a tune that
would fit perfectly in both your DJ sets and homemade Sci Fi movies. Cheshire Cat provides
some memorable lyrics on ‘Rise Up’, a tasty mix of reggae roots and upfront jungle warfare.
Scatty breakbeats fire all kinds of direct shots over the perfectly written chorus which will
stay in your head for months to come. Hold tight Fleck on the link up.

‘Now’ is a grotty little roller, pure in its form of providing nothing but filth to the dancefloor. No
messing about, straight for the jugular. You really do need to hear this through a big rig, a
basement studio or a decent pair of headphones to fully appreciate it. Gilly G, a name you
might have heard of? No doubt if you’re a keen reggae fan he’s probably on your hit list
already. Good news then as he’s all over ‘Random’, a riddim so tough even that bulletproof
vest you’re reaching for is probably of no use.

Final track ‘The Jungle is Changing’ backs up the initial statement. Our music is changing,
it’s been through a big 360 degree spin many times, sometimes butchered, sometimes
championed and this track demonstrates one form of upfront jungle that reflects both the
future and the past. Pull up that shit!


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