Frankie Knight - Blue Marble Remixed

Frankie Knight - Blue Marble Remixed

Release Date: 16/10/2020

Label: M Ocean Records

‘Tijuana’ was written about the divided Mexico/US border city serves to highlight the record’s unifying theme. Balearic-inspired beats and understated harmonies pulsate alongside sounds recorded by Knight at her local beach (the Wittering’s, in West Sussex). You can count on drum and bass producer Loggi to amp it up a notch or two on his take of ‘Tijuana’ with sweeping atmospheric layers and an undercurrent of Mexican trumpet melodies take you straight down to a mesmeric drop.

Keeping the same energy Duoscience’s production is enriched with layers of soundscapes within drum and bass, ‘Got To Go’ drift through epic elevations and enrapturing bass heavy outbreaks within unfolds knights mesmeric vocal hook into a thoughtful hypnotic hit, combined with the serenity of Brazilian ocean waves that will undoubtedly stop all in their tracks and head for the beach.

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Posted by Brenton Clerkin