Frankee - Skuttle

Official Press Release

Release date - TBC

Since his very first release on Ram’s sister label Program, Frankee has continued to make progress across Ram’s vast back catalogue of music. Now in its twenty fifth year, Frankee has become an integral part of its roster, with his anticipated debut LP coming closer with every successive release. And following over a decade of dedicated graft, after discovering the world of drum & bass at the age of thirteen, it’s unsurprising that his last string of singles have been heralded by fans and tastemakers alike. Whether it’s the vocal crescendos of tracks like ‘Nobody Cares’, or the imposing chaos of ‘Gully’, Frankee caters to a vast audience; an audience who’ve been waiting for his forthcoming album with baited breath. 

The next single from Frankee is ‘Skuttle’, more reminiscent of his fiercer productions yet also dipping into new sound territories. With skittering percussion, crunching snare and snapping drum peddles, ‘Skuttle’ takes you into the murky world of Frankee whilst living up to its namesake. Giving a snapshot into the vast soundscape Frankee has stretched across his debut album, ‘Skuttle’ prepares you for a journey which will once again see Frankee as one of the most interesting and divisive newcomers to push through over the last five years.

If you’re looking for a track which is apt to send the record collections of tech purists ablaze, yet still create devastation on the dancefloor, Frankee certainly delivers. ‘Skuttle’ stands for not just another stepping stone towards his album, but also for his entire career, creating a milestone which will resonate throughout his discography. It signposts a major feat for Frankee as a producer, an embodiment of what he has in store for 2017 and his lifetime dedication to drum & bass

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