FORMATION 200 LP - Formation Records

Release: 17/12/2018

Label: Formation Records

Catalog: FormLP24A

From 1990 - 2018 Formation Records continues as the longest standing label in Drum & Bass reaching its milestone with Formation 200; over 60 tracks in 3 parts.

A monolithic document featuring some of the most exciting innovators in the game old and new, ‘Formation 200’ is a celebration of everything the label has achieved in its near-30 year history. The longest running label in drum & bass, Formation and its various side labels have played a role in early careers of many massively influential acts: DJ Hazard, Commix, Nero, The Prototypes, G Dub, John B, Matrix, Twisted Individual, Distorted Minds, the list goes on and on. 

200 releases deep, still firing from all cannons and super-charged with energy and innovation for the next generation, Formation Records is a true pillar of the scene and remains so to this day.

Part 1

1.Drumsound & Bassline Smith - “The World Ain’t Ready”
2.Agressor Bunx - “Engineering”
3.Bladerunner - “The Flying Technique”
4.Disaszt - “Get Them Wise”
5.Influx UK - “It’s Love” (Oder Remix)
6.North Base Ft. Marianna Ray - “More & More”
7.DJ SS - ‘Bring The Noise’
8.Oder - “Straight Up”
9.Critical Impact & DJ SS - “Act In Sequence”
10.DJ Phlex & Bassface - “Visions’’
11.Cabbie Ft. Bizzi - “Situation”
12.Greenlaw & DJ SS - “Let Love In”
13.Karmasynk - “Chains Of Time”
14.Rockman - “Solitude”
15 .Cemtex ft Djss - “Unholy”
16.Mistic - “Science Of Craft”
17.Green Vibes - “Bassline Business”
18.Missrepresent Ft. Bellyman - “Another Dimension”
19.Sikka - “Nightmare”
20.The Stratta - “Distracted”
21.What The French - “Hundred”
22.Soul Savaz Ft djss Jay Sqaure & Victor -Thank You (200 MIX)

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