Easy & Geeks Ft. Aaron Jay - Tables Turning, Unrest

Easy & Geeks Ft. Aaron Jay - Tables Turning, Unrest

Release Date: 23/10/2020

Label: Influence Records

Catalog: INFLUGB0030

After a long time out of the studio, Aaron Jay hit Logic and crafted a hypnotic melody over some carefully crafted breaks which formed the early sketch of our first track. Handing the sketch over to the mighty duo Easy and Geeks, the sketch was flipped into the killer tune, Tables Turning. Using a vocal sample from one of the world’s most famous pop artists, the tune is original, different and a killer on the dance floor.

An early mix was given to Fabio who was quick to include within his sets both live and on the radio. The tune mostly heard in Aaron’s sets has picked up a lot of attention and has been eagerly awaited by those that follow Influence.

The flip, Unrest is a typical Easy and Geeks track, deep, progressive with tight rolling beats and awesome production.

Tables Turning. (A Side):
A hypnotic delayed pad and filtered breaks rise up as layers take hold. The breaks roll into a lovely mellow breakdown before a huge bass and female vocals kick in offering wide stereo vibes that fill the room. This is a killer tune that will have people running towards the decks curious as to what the track is. A killer production from Easy and Geeks with additional production support coming from Aaron Jay.

Unrest (B Side):
A deep landscape pad filters and reverses to create a headz vibe. Tough rolling beats progress with plenty of attack. The minimal and almost horror like chime fill the gaps before the big sub hits and things take off. A Burial influence vocal floats in and out creating tension and release as the track drives you deeper into the wonderous atmosphere. A lovely complimentary track to an all-round stellar single from Influence.

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Posted by Brenton Clerkin