Document One - Hands Up

Document One - Hands Up

Released : 23rd April, 2021

Label : Elevate Records

Catalog : ELA064

Hot off the back of their weighty ‘Heat Beams’ collaboration with Levela, duo Document One follow suit with their stomping new single ‘Hands Up’ on Elevate Records. The pair have proven that they’re able to manipulate a variety of BPMs but more recently they’ve found a home within the drum & bass ranks of Elevate. Their dancefloor inspired records have kept fans engaged both at home and in club spaces, something which has translated throughout their live sets over the last twelve months despite the current circumstances. ‘Hands Up’ is a return to form, following a destructive pattern which can instantly be recognised as the Document One sound.

Winding up with a call to action through robotic patches of sample, Document One go in for the jugular through the first shaking breakdown of ‘Hands Up’. Crackling LFOs sit underneath weight bass stabs and with each wave of static you’re pulled along for the ride. The producers do what they do best and that’s dig deep to provide another thumping record.

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