DJ Rap & Dope Ammo - Divine Rhythm Trilogy Pt.1

DJ Rap & Dope Ammo - Divine Rhythm Trilogy Pt.1

Release Date: 08/04/2021

Label: Propa Talent

Catalog: PTUSA181

With the end of lockdown insight, what better way to celebrate than to see these two heavyweights DJ Rap and Dope Ammo join forces in the studio to bring a smile to all our faces by reinventing DJ Rap's classic 1992 anthem 'Divine Rhythm'.

This dynamic duo is set to release the 'Divine Trilogy series' over the summer digitally, as well as a remastered double vinyl set release of the classics that we know and love alongside the Jungle Vip remix version.

The Trilogy features three brand new remixes, each with its own special flavor and vibe.

The first release exclusively out on Beatport on April 8, followed by a worldwide on 22 April features the vocal talents of Jasmine Knight, (Jungle VIP Remix) keeping the olds Skool flavor but with a modern twist and a jungle baseline that encapsulates all it means to be a true junglist.

PT 2 in the Trilogy, (Euphoric Remix), seriously is a breathtakingly emotional take on the anthem with beautiful piano renditions leading to the drop twisting into burning Reece basslines that hit hard.

The Ravers Remix, last in the Trilogy series, is for those who prefer their oldskool drum and bass to be just that, old skool and full of vibe!

Finally, continuing DJ Rap's Propa dubs series, Propa Dubs 4 sees a double vinyl release featuring the following cuts, Divine Rhythm-Dj Rap (1992) original, Desire (1992) original, Divine Rhythm breaks original Mix (1992), and disc 2 Propa Dubs 5, features Divine Rhythm Ft. Jasmine Knight (Jungle VIP Remix) and the unreleased Divine Rhythm (Feel the pressure 1992).

We think you'll agree, it's going to be a divine summer!

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Posted by Brenton Clerkin