Current Value: Kaleidoscope / Cold Snap [C4C Recordings]

Current Value: Kaleidoscope / Cold Snap [C4C Recordings]

Release Date       11th June 2018

                            Beatport Exc: 28th May 2018

Label                   C4C Recordings

Cat No                 C4CDIGUK052

Explosive live visuals, critically acclaimed sonic engineering and a hard-lined approach to music making. These are the reasons why Current Value has made such an impact across the wider music circuit, as well as his home within the realms of drum & bass, release after release. He’s ensured that his methodical approach to music making reaches the absolute limit that you can push electronic music and this is recognisable through each one of his epic musical breakdowns. However one element of Current Value’s success is that he’s able to tune into the underground in a way that many of his counterparts are unable to do. His sounds are vicious and unsettling, yet they boast of a swagger which makes them appeal directly to the dancefloor. He stands out from the more commercially viable records within dance music and instead goes for the aural senses in a different way, commanding their full control with his all enveloping output.

And it’s this sensory assault which is why he was brought into the ranks of drum & bass imprint Cause4Concern, a label who have time and time again delivered tracks which have acted as pillars for the neurofunk subgenre. Current Value presents a double sided single for C4C and both ‘Kaleidoscope’ and ‘Cold Snap’ waste no time in delivering his monumental production. ‘Kaleidoscope’ draws you in with tinkering sets of percussion, before you’re dragged under mercilessly with grinding beats and a bassline which slowly growls, then comes into focus amongst the mix. Before long the track breaks and you become acutely aware of meticulously fashioned hooks nestled beneath each layer.

On the reverse, ‘Cold Snap’ explodes on impact, not before its ominous, ticking intro sets you up for an almighty drop. It’s a cunning ploy as once the bass kicks into gear you’re left freefalling through its scientific composition. Whether it’s through ‘Kaleidoscope’ or ‘Cold Snap’, Current Value isn’t afraid to pull for punches and his intimidating levels are difficult to match. This makes him a staple within Cause4Concern’s roster, as he’s a key player, much like the longstanding label and its huge set of releases.