Chopstick Dubplate - Final Answer

Chopstick Dubplate - Final Answer

Release Date : March 12th 2018

Label : Chopstick Dubplate

From the four corners of the globe, we have flown them to Chopstick Television Studios. People just like you, who called our phone number dreaming of instant riches. Will one of them seize this day, and have the knowledge and the courage to change the course of their lives in one short evening? Starting tonight, join us from London as we play Who Wants To Hear A Dubplate! In the earlier rounds of the competition, our contestant Johnny Too Bad from South London used two of his lifelines: first to phone an MC for the question: “Who was the very first vocalist to feature on a Chopstick Dub?” The correct answer being Demolition Man. His second lifeline was a 50/50 to our computer: “Who are the members of the Chopstick collective?” Having responded correctly that the crew is made up of Jacky Murda, Aries, Tuffist and King Yoof, he progressed to the final question, leaving one lifeline remaining: ask the audience.

Welcome back to the final question of tonight’s Who Wants To Hear A Dubplate! We’re back with Johnny from Brixton, who, after being careful, calculating, and lucky, has accumulated £500,000 worth of dubplate listens. Our contestant has decided that it is simply not enough, he wants to hear that last dub, the one million pound dubplate. As nobody really knows what could be played when Chopstick drops the needle, he’s gone for a complete and utter guess for the £1,000,000. Could he possibly be right? This is the question, and it’s the exact same question that viewers have been texting in answers for during the advert break as well.

The final question is: “What artist does not feature on the new Chopstick Dubplate Final Answer EP?”
A) Walk And Skank hand in ya pocket walk with a limp Jah Screechy
B) Jamaican born chart topping singer and deejay Jah Mason with Cool With The Fire
C) UK legend Demolition Man aka Ras demo who’s Deya Now
D) YouTube sensation Ras Trent

Audience, our contestant needs your help. If you're ready, on your turntables, cdj’s, and controllers, using selection A, B, C, or D, please vote now. What is your Final Answer?!