Chopstick Dubplate - 420 EP

Chopstick Dubplate - 420 EP

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Label: Chopstick Dubplate

Catalog: CHOP20

The Council of Chops is battling the insectoid gromflamite forces of the galactic federation, in a bid to return the multiversal THC crystals to the 420 dimension. Since the removal and quarantine of the crystals by order of the galactic commission, inter-dimensional cannabization effects have all but disappeared. With billions of dabbers up in arms, spliffs having no effects, and people generally very grouchy, Chopstick Dubplate launched the mission to unify the crystals with 420. The operations team led by Jacky Murda, Aries, Tuffist and King Yoof, completed re-acquisition and offloaded the cargo outside the entrance to 420. The insectoid police force appeared at the dimensional gate just as baskets full of the green gems crossed the border. Momentarily outnumbered, reinforcements General Jah Mikey, Mr. Williamz, General Pecos, Jah Mason and Jah Roamy, arrived at the crucial moment to defeat the galactic federation, and unify the 420 dimension.

To celebrate 420 this year, Chopstick Dubplate has teamed up with one of BC's finest custom glass blowers Urban Glass Canada to bring to you a range of limited edition hand crafted Bongs/Recycler's and Mini Tubes for the professional ganja smoker. Each one hand blown, with three various models to choose from!

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Posted by Brenton Clerkin