BOTB - No Going Back EP

BOTB - No Going Back EP

Release Date: 10/04/2021

Label: 24 Karat Recordings

Catalog: 24KJ028

BOTB is a new addition to the 24 Karat family and this man has a story to tell. It is a tale of pain and joy, overcoming challenges and striking transformations. BOTB tells his story via the medium of beautiful and emotion filled music. The listener becomes part of the story and feels all the emotion that went into creating these snapshots in time of the human condition. This is DnB at it's musical best and this man is one to watch...

With his creative and musical talent BOTB is destined to go far. His personal story is one full of experiences that shape who he is and the sounds he creates. An expert story teller who uses sound to set the mood and communicate his tale.

We feel a personal connection with the songs created by BOTB. We hope you will too.

Track list:
1. BOTB - Healing Now
2. BOTB - Love your Luvin
3. BOTB - Cant Keep Up
4. BOTB - Everywhere U R
5. BOTB Ft. Mighty Mini - No More Pain

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Posted by Brenton Clerkin