Beat Assassins - Homegrown (Phibes remix)

Beat Assassins - Homegrown (Phibes remix)

Release: August 3rd, 2020

Label: Jungle Cakes x Hot Cakes

Catalog: JC119

Phibes were really on a roll before the lockdown hit, playing massive live shows all over the world where they'd connect with their crowds through their arsenal of bootlegs, remixes and dubs. When Jungle Cakes heard this absolute monster of a remix, based on an original by Beat Assassins, they just had to nab it.

"Homegrown (Phibes Remix)" sees the UK duo blasting out of the stops with a nuclear bomb of a bassline that never lets up until the whole dancefloor has been lit to 1000 degrees fahrenheit. Using the vocal to great effect, Phibes employ synth stabs and minimal breaks for added, chilling atmospherics. Whatever they've been smoking, it sounds potent enough to put Cheech and Chong flat on their backs with stars in their eyes.

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