107 - Cijfer EP

107 - Cijfer EP

Release Date: 26th March, 2021

Label: Onyx Recordings

Catalog: JET003

107 reasons why Cijfer is a debut EP everyone needs to hear The release represents Onyx Recordings’ first official roster signing

Okay, maybe 107 reasons is just a tad excessive, but there’s no questioning the fact that 107’s Cijfer EP is one everyone needs to hear. But who is this cryptic act we hear you ask? Let’s help you join the dots… 107 are a trio of producers at the beginning of a long road to becoming a special force in drum and bass. We’re so confident in the group’s ability that we’ve taken the decision to sign 107 as the first official act on Onyx’s roster.

You might recognise some of the group’s other work as A K A (False Concept), Dub Majesty and Kook (Missen), but together they represent an altogether different beast for the D&B scene to marvel at. After meeting each other at university a number of years ago and deciding to form the 107 project, the trio have since sat on an artillery of dubs that are crying out to see the light of day. Those with their ears to the ground may have caught a snippet of early 107 on Noisia Radio back in 2017, or you may have stumbled upon their live stream set during the last Stay At Home Festival…

As we progress into a year filled with hopeful opportunities, 107 now feel ready to launch their debut Cijfer release into the world. Locked in as the third instalment of Onyx’s JET series, it’s an EP showcasing exactly what people can expect from this mysterious outfit, which they reference as an old school Critical Music vibe. Whether it’s the grittiness of ‘Cijfer’, the funky breaks of ‘Dot Matrix’, or the oozing soul of ‘Inattentive’, 107’s debut EP is testament to the unpredictability their productions will entertain us with on the road ahead. That’s not even mentioning Trex’s hefty ‘Dot Matrix’ remix flipping the tune into a completely different entity.

The unfamiliar but exciting sound of 107 stems from the culmination of three producers with influences spanning soul, reggae, garage, jump up and jungle. After simmering away for far too long, this melting pot of talent is now approaching boiling point. How many more reasons do you need to come and have a taste?

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