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TNT Sounds

TNT Sounds "Frank Buddle" is a drum and bass producer from Bedfordshire and with his recent successful release on Missrepresent's Sliced Note Recordings "3AM EP" and with a string of other successful releases, we have a chat with him on JDNB about what's hot now and what's going on for the future.

Thanks for taking the time out, how has your 2019 been so far?
This year has been very busy, any spare time I've had I have been in the studio or playing out, but that's how I like it, I like to be busy.

Go back to the beginning, how did you get into dnb and what were the first tunes you bought? Your favourite djs?
I remember first hearing dnb in my mates brothers car when he picked us up from the skate park. I was instantly hooked from there. He told me to listen to Radio One in the Jungle show which I used to tape and listen back to. The first records i bought were Krust-Soul in Motion, Adam F-Circles and Moving Fusion-Turbulence.
My favourite DJ's are Hype, Andy c, Zinc and Brockie. I always used to listen to a lot of tape packs with them on..

What top 3 producers inspire you today?
Heist, he's been teaching me production and I'm always trying to match his level and be as good as him.

What DAW are you on and have you always been on that DAW?
I started on Cubase then tried Ableton one day and have been using it ever since.

How did you learn about music production and what do you do to stay on top of current techniques?
I dabbled in production but always put djing first however since taking lessons with Heist its swapped round and now any chance i get I'm in the studio making tracks or learning new techniques.

Tell us about Bedfordshire, have you lived there your whole life?
I'm from St Ives in Cambridgeshire originally but moved to Bedfordshire about 7 years ago. I still go to St ives as I DJ in a local bar at least once a month.

Tell us about your single and remix on Evolution Records.
My single on Evolution records uk is slightly different to what i normally make 'My love' track has a liquid vibe and 'Turn my back on you' is a heavier half time style. I also remixed one of their first tracks they released and is now part of a remix ep.

TNT Sounds - My Love ( clip )

TNT Sounds - Turn My Back On You (Clip)

Sensor & Sparky - Let It Go ( TNT Sounds Remix)

You run the "Roll Out" sound system, tell us about that.
I wanted to put on my own dnb night as I used to do these back in the day when I was at school so I just added to my existing sound system and got a decent pioneer setup to play on. It's gone from strength to strength really. My mate Sparky who runs evolution records has been involved from the start and has been a massive help.

Where have been the biggest and most memorable sets that you have played?
Probably playing a boat party on the Thames for Pukka Up.

Any long term life goals?
Id love to see how far I can take the music production, continue to get my tracks released on other labels and play out as much as i can.

What do you like to do outside of music work?
I'm a country boy at heart so if i'm not in the studio, playing out or visiting family i'm usually found down the yard helping look after my girlfriends horses.

Love that. So, if you could collab with one person or artist, who would it be and why?
Probably T>I i love his style of dnb.

You have been mentored by Heist and you have a release in the pipeline on Co Lab recordings, can you tell us about that?
It was one of the tracks I showed him in one of my lessons which he really liked and wants to use as part of the new recruits ep.

You have also had some plays on BBC Introducing? (soundcloud link please)

TNT SOUNDS - Lost Forever played on BBC RADIO show

If I gave you £10,000 what would you do with it and why?
Save some and spend the rest on studio gear probably!

You run Roll Out... wheres that, and tell us about it?
Roll Out started at The Lounge in St ives Cambridgeshire where I hold a residency. The club has two floors and i wanted to do a dnb night in the basement so i approached the manager and they agreed. I booked Heist for the opening night and it was a success so i ran with it and its getting legs now so i've continued doing them. Its a great way for local Djs to showcase their style and play on a sound system in front of a crowd. The night creates a good buzz and its nice to see dnb being played in clubs like that and the local dnb scene growing.

You have a radio show on Dose, how long have you been on there?
Just over a year now, i love it its like a family I've met so many new people because of it.

What are your plans and goals for 2020?
To keep progressing and improving with my production and get my music out there on labels. I also want to continue playing out and running Roll Out nights.

Any shouts and thanks?
Shout out to Sparky for supporting my music on his label and doing Roll Out with me, Milo at Dose radio for the platform to perform on my girlfriend for the support and finally thanks to Missrep for the interview and supporting my music.

TNT Sounds 3AM EP is out now on Sliced Note Recordings.

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