T>I Interview August 2017

Matthew South aka T>I is making some absolute smashers right now. He's been around for a good 15 years as well and part of the Natty Dub Team who are good friends of us here at JDNB, we had an opportunity to find out a little more. If you want to listen to the interview, scroll to the bottom of the page! Our friends over at DNBHQ have kindly hosted the audio exclusively so check it out.

Q1) First off... thanks for your time out I know you have been busy! Can you tell us how you got into dnb and what kick started it for you?
A) Well, in short I went to my first rave in 94 an was hooked on jungle/hardcore & gabba believe it or not.

Q2) Why the name T>I and does it bother you if the forward arrow is replaced with a dot? T.I
A) Why not? And yes it does, its hard to find me on social media unless you use the greater than sign.

Q3) How old were you when you went to your first rave and can you remember it?
A) 15 years old Dreamscape 11 at the sanctuary, legendary rave. I had to paint my mamas house to earn the money for the ticket, thats dedication!

Q4) Where have been your favourite raves?
A) Sanctuary & Bagleys.

Q5) You have done a fair bit of promoting. Can you tell us about that?
A) I've co-ran the longest running D&B night in Norwich called Rumble which is 23 this year, I've only been co running it from 2005 though but had been a resident leading up to that, its been a long journey for that name but i like to think we still keep tings fresh when we host it 2 to 3 times a year, I also co run a night called Color which is more of a themed bass heavy night, which we bring out for NYE an fill a 2000 capacity club. Promoting is a good tool for me as i get to soundcheck with my own tunes before opening the doors i love it, it has its stresses but so do alot of jobs.

Q6) Do you think from promoting it's given you a good insight to what promoters have to go through?
A) Oh god yeah, i was a DJ/Promoter for many years so i know the game from both sides now fully, I love it when my agents makes sure my riders correct now, as usually its me sorting them for other artists.

Q7) Hype and Andy C are massive supporters to you. Plus the fans out there, which you're building an ever increasing fan base. What would you say to people starting out wanting to build a name for themselves?
A) Hmmm, well I'm very pig headed in what drum & bass i like, so i took my time making my sound an perfecting the art of the execution, so my advice is, stick to what you like or love do not follow a sound to get fans and attention as it means in my eyes that you just want the fame, an are not init for the music it self, so be yourself, an if it takes 20 years like myself then so be it, i like being a slow burner, hopefully means people aint sick of me yet haha.

Q8) Festivals or clubs?
A) Clubs for me are more intimate.

Q9) Best set you've played this year?
A) Ah shit it has to be in Cardiff at a club called the Vault i played there back in May, vibe was immense an my tunes suited the Void sound system they had in there which made my job so easy.
Oh an the set I did for the asbo disco stage at Secret Garden Party was so sick too.

Q10) Was it recorded?
A) I'm not sure ya know, theres loads of vids still flying about though of both sets.

Q11) You have just released the Rollage EP on Natty Dub. I love those guys they are awesome! Shouts to Sam and Regina... How long did it take you to write the EP?
A) Well, some of the tracks were made 3 years ago and the last 3, Permanent marker, Threshold & Absence were made 2016 but they all seem to Gell well together on the EP, but yeah Sam an crew are safe as fcuk and the tour nights we've been doing have been banging, the producer line up on the label is serious to.

Q12) What DAW you on?
A) Cubase.

Q13) Any favourite VST's and plug ins?
A) My good ole sausage fat plugins good for exciting basslines, but i believe it or not don't use that many plugins in the daw as i have a fully outboard studio so I have real machines that i use for reverbs etc.

Q14) Mixdown tips?
A) Yeah, people need to read that question over an over again, its called MIXDOWN for a reason, thats all.

Q15) Top 5 producers right now?

Q16) Top 3 MCs?

Q17) If you could collab with one person who would it be and why?
A) hmmm ive done a few so far, but my dream (fanboy moment) would have to be Break, he is the master of rollerz.

Q18) One tune that never leaves your USB on gigs?
A) Ikamanchi - It's a trap.

Q19) If you had to take one track on a desert island, that you could only ever listen to over and over again what would it be and why?
A) Sweet dreams by Annie Lennox, cant get sick of that.

Q20) Most memorable gig?
A) I think to date for crowd response to my tunes has gotta be that one in Cardiff i mentioned earlier.

Q21) Goals for the next 5 years?
A) Just to stay alive & keep making beats.

Q22) What would you like to say to all your fans?
A) Bigups respect an thank q for your support it means the world to me!

Q23) What gigs are coming up that we can look out for you at?
A) Quite a few tbh its been my busiest year to date, HOSPITALITY in the park, Playaz birmingham, Sundown festival, pretty much every weekend until December is full.

Q24) If I see you out, what are you drinking from the bar?
A) I'm not a heavy drinker as i drive 99% of the time or im working at an event, but if your lucky an catch me off guard at a random night then good luck as i'll drink anything, mainly rum or vodka.

Q25) What's in the pipeline that we can look out for? 
The release of "All I Do" featuring on a massive album Randals put together on Mac2 recordings and finally getting somewhere with the clearance of Shot down with my good friend Upgrade, aswel as other projects i have waiting to drop.

Q26) Thanks for your time! Any shouts and thanks?
A) Shouts to, SAXXON, UPGRADE,LIMITED,MALACHI,THE MURKY SQUAD, MY TNA GANG, HEIST, theres way to many to mention.


Interview By Aliina Atkinson August 2017