JDNB Interview - Trauma DBC

JDNB Interview - Trauma DBC

Trauma DBC aka Rob Spires is an active person in our scene. So, we thought it best to ask him in for a chat to see what he's been up to and what makes him tick.

Hello Rob and thanks for chatting with us at JDNB. So where are you from and what first got you into drum and bass way back in 1996?

Hi, thanks for having me. I’m from Cambridge in England. I got into Jungle & DnB through listening to the Dreamscape / Helter Skelter / Hysteria tape packs which were introduced to me by friends at school which led to me buying a pair of belt drive Soundlab turntables and buying vinyl from Streetwise Music Records in Cambridge. I then started going to raves like Warning (Junction - Cambridge) / United Dance (Leisure Centre - Stevenage) & Helter Skelter (Sanctuary – Milton Keynes).

How’s it felt to be somewhat back to normal after the pandemic?

To be honest I worked full-time all the way through the pandemic as a Security officer for Securitas & Amazon so I didn’t really notice the pandemic as of such as I was at work all the time. But definitely missed DJing out and seeing my friends who work in the rave industry. But it’s a major relief to see the industry & life get back to normal after such a quiet time.

How do you find juggling music with work and looking after your family?

To be fair it’s hard but organisation has been key. Addressing one task at a time has been the only way to manage multiple tasks.

How long have you been producing for and what was your first official release?

On and off for 20 years but had huge gaps of not producing at all for sometimes up to 6 years at a time. My first official release was on my own label “Urban Veteran” back in 2011. But then had a release on Hustlin’ Beats Feb 2017 which really was the start of my official career as a producer.

You represented your sound on quite a few labels too. What bit of advice would you give up and coming producers and how to get their demos to labels?

Oh erm, definitely send a batch of tracks out… Most of the tunes I’ve had signed were tunes I never expected to be signed. The one’s I thought were great tracks were not chosen. The ones I didn’t expect to get signed got signed instead which taught me; Different label owners have their own distinctive preference’s so in theory I believe a batch of tracks gives the label owner more choice. Plus; if you have a friend that runs a label it’s definitely a good idea to see if they can help to get your music out there. In all honesty it’s Byron (Vengeance) from “Hustlin’ Beats” that started to get me noticed initially & then a signing to Tim Walker’s (Jimmy Danger’s) label “Audio Danger” that propelled me onto getting onto other well known labels such as “Train” (Jaxx’s label) / “Maad Ting” (Conrad Subs’ label) / “Sub Heavy Audio” (Damageman’s label) / “CMY” (Misschivers’ label) – Now after plenty of help and advice/tips on my production from the likes of Juiceman, Coda, Heist, Vapour & Sublow my sound has recently developed & I’ve managed to have releases on “Subway Soundz” (Logan D’s label) with Illphaze & “Murky Digital” (Elsta’s label)... Plus got more stuff forthcoming on “36 Hertz” (Vapour’s label) - “Up4It?” (Tempa’s label) & “Big & Heavy” (Leks & Ballistic’s label). So Things have progressed nicely.

What does your studio consist of and what’s your fav plug-in?

Honestly; Hardware wise: just a powerful PC (8 core) / Tascam US2000 External Soundcard / Mackie MR8 Monitors plus a basic controller keyboard which I’ve been using since 2002. Software wise: Cubase 11 & 8 / Massive & the Komplete 8 package.

Cambridge UK is quite a hot spot for dnb talent, what's it like in the city from your perspective?

Warning as a big rave promoter & Nu Tone & Logistics as producers put Cambridge on the map initially… There have been many raves & producers coming through afterwards and around the same time but fundamentally everything Drum & Bass wise in Cambridge has stemmed from these guys. That’s my perspective. Streetwise music too. Jungle Dave brought the shop up to a decent level with Drum & bass vinyl as it was previously more House orientated.

Tell us about your latest release.

My latest release is on “Murky Digital” (Big ups Elsta Raff Turk!) called “Brock Wild EP” – It features MC Boogieman on one of the tracks called “Brock Wild” & has a Juiceman Remix on there too as well as a free track called Vision which accompanies the release separately. 6 tracks in total. 5 in the stores & 1 as a free download. It’s a release which includes a fusion of genre’s like Jungle / Minimal Tech / Jump Up & Techstep. So there is a bit of something for everyone.

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And what's set for the rest of 2022? What should people be keeping an ear open for; release wise?

Ok… so… Forthcoming: “Sudden Violence EP” – (36 Hertz Recordings) which is a complete solo project / “Rise Of The Megalodon EP” (Up4It? Recordings) which also features: MC Reeality, MC Boogieman & Neil Badboy Plus another 4 track EP which is untitled (Big & Heavy Recordings) which also features Boogieman.

You have a label too right, tell us more about that?

Wow the label… “Mutant Species Recordings” – Check it out on the stores! There are tunes which include such artists like Beat Merchants / Jaxx / MC Foxy / Ill Dynamics / Flat T / DJ Direkt / Systm Hackerz / Boogieman / LVB / The Jungle Drummer & myself so far. Really proud of the roster of artists that have appeared. Next up on Mutant Species this year are some more bits from LVB & Ill Dynamics… So definitely worth keeping a close eye out for those releases coming very soon.

What are your goals for the next year?

Next year… Hmmm, now that would be telling ha ha… No really… Just keep consistent on production & enjoy making tunes, pushing tunes out on the label & just socialising with my friends in the DnB scene… Literally parenting & working long hours doesn’t leave much time for a social life so just to get out a bit more and enjoy time with mates & enjoy the music would be pretty cool. Maybe put on some parties with Boogieman (Kalm) / John Jaydee & the CR Crew. Hopefully get back onto Rough Tempo as a resident again (Big ups Scoundrel)… Maybe do some guest slots on Code Red with Pitch, Lawze & Mr Melta… Who knows?! Going to go with the flow & just enjoy doing it…

Any collaborations that we should know about in the pipeline?

Got some bits with Starz & Deeza I’m in the process of finishing off. Going to do some more bits with Linden D. More stuff with Boogieman too… More with Tomoyoshi, Neil Badboy, Illphaze & in talks with some other artists too currently. Should be doing a project or 2 with Rancid as well… So see what happens… Would be sick to do more stuff with Flat T too actually haha.

Talking of collabs, who would be a dream to work with?

Ha ha well… How about “Gydra”, “Prolix”, “Calyx & Teebee”, “Break” or the mighty “Beat Merchants”!

What would you say you like most about the www.jungledrumandbass.co.uk website?

The accessibility and user friendliness. The smart, sleek professional look. The content is vast and concise so there are many factors & of course the members of staff are all sound!! Big ups Ali, Michael, Brenton, Lewis, Sean & the team!

Thanks for your time. Any thanks or shout-outs?

Not going to mention everyone individually but; Shouts to all my people, friends and associates in the DnB scene!!! Love working with you all and just sharing a common interest in something that is just so cool to be involved in… Plus biggest shouts ever to exist to my Mum, my Daughters & Family!

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