JDNB Interview - Transforma

JDNB Interview - Transforma

Transforma JDNB Interview

Forthcoming on Korsakov music is "The Boneyards EP" which will land for us all on the 2nd April.

Transforma murders. He surprises. He distorts. He twists and turns. He smacks it out the park in one tune and catches it in another. The Boneyards has a bit of everything. The title track wobbles and grooves straight out of hell onto your ear drums, a masterclass in creative neuro sound design. Warpath is exactly what you need to be hearing when on a Warpath for it’ll surely help any murderous wartime rage flourish. To top it off, Mindflayer takes The Boneyards EP into even darker realms, as malevolent a sonic entity as it’s Stranger Things namesake.

Residing in Bristol, he is Australian born and with releases on Blackout, Cause4Concern, Bad Taste, Red Light,Code Smell, Sinuous, and Future Sickness. We take some time out to find out about this brilliant producer and more.



Thanks for chatting to us! I really love The Boneyards, you really have some sick production skills going on! Take us back to your childhood, were you always into music and how it all began for you?
Thanks so much for having me Aliina! Glad you are enjoying the release :). Yeah I've always been musical, growing up with 2 brothers and a dad with kickass music taste hahaha. But I was always interested in musical instruments and bands as a child...Until I got my very first electric guitar at age 13....That's where it all kicked off haha.

I scanned the media on your Twitter and couldn't find any interviews. Is this a debut interview and if so we are honoured!
I actually did one recently with Bestdrumandbass but that's more US I guess. So this is definitely the debut for this side of the pond.

Tell us about Australia and then the move to Bristol.
Well I am Australian born but also hold UK citizenship as my mum was born out here. So I'm one of those lucky ones who have dual citizenship yew!! I started out in the scene over there but found I wasn't really being given that many opportunities as I guess Neuro isn't that appreciated over there....That might be well different these days though!! Played more in NZ than Aus over the years hahaha. I initially moved to The Netherlands (absolutely loved it) at the end of 2019 all excited for new beginnings and loads of bookings...And then Covid hit after 3 months (what timing right) hahaha. But I battled through the pandemic first year basically alone most of the time...To the point my mental health was really acting up and I just needed to be around friends/closer to family etc. So I moved over to Bristol and here I am ready for this horrible time to end haha. Bring it!!!

What DAW are you on and what are your favourite synths?
I use Ableton and have so for my entire career! Too many haha but at the moment Uh-e Diva is my absolute favourite, but I also like using Ableton operator, Arturia pigments & actually testing an amazing synth atm through one of my endorsements which I'm excited about!!

Best tools in your Daw?
I'd have to say all the amazing mixing/mastering tools I have. Like vintage compressors and EQs and all from Waves/Brainworx. Using Devious Machines Duck and Texture religiously aswell.

Do you watch any production tutorials and what mix down advice can you give?
I haven't in a very long time to be honest...Give your ears a break every few hours. Ear fatigue is a tricky one. All about balance between each element so space is your best friend.

Warpath is sick. What inspired you to call it that and make the tune?
Thanks a lot! I think that was cos of the vocal shot that Tom (Dropset) had initially sent the name kind of just came from that really. I'm heavily inspired by BSE & State Of Mind aswell so we wanted to kind of go with that kind of vibe for this tune.

Who inspires you musically?
I have so many different inspirations when it comes to music. Not just from dnb either. From all spectrums from electronic to classical to metal god's haha. So to name a few definitely artists like Mefjus, BSE, Joe Ford, Noisia to Pink Floyd, Muse, Iron Maiden, Bach, Jon Hopkins, Parkway Drive, BMTH....The list is endless.

Mindflayer certainly gives you that head nod. Do you ever imagine how far music can take you globally one day gigs wise?
I honestly cannot wait to see the reaction when I get to play that out live for the first time in front of a crowd since Covid...Going to be crazy! Yeah I've always wanted to make something of myself in music and this is definitely the furthest I've ever gotten with it! In saying that I've played almost every continent now apart from South America and Africa haha oh and Asia.

Talking about gigs, what have been your best gigs and moments so far?
Let it roll 2017 is definitely up there, what an experience that was. WTF NYE event in Nijmegen, NL going into 2020 aswell was laaarge. And almost every event I've played in Europe has always been so crazy!!

So out of interest, it's 2021, how old are you at the moment.
Ha I was waiting for this one! I am old looool I turned 37 this year! But still feel 21.

Give Me Something actually shocked me amongst some tear out tech and it's brilliant. I love your versatility... tell us about some of your liquid vibes and who inspires you there?
Oh Hybrid Minds for sure would have to be my biggest inspiration for writing more emotional liquid tracks. Such brilliance!! This was actually the first ever liquid original I've put out so to see it getting so much traction is unbelievable.



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So Korsakov Music is a really great label. Tell us about Elmar and the team there, they are based in the Netherlands, what made you send music to them?
Yeah they are awesome aren't they? Elmar and I got talking a few years back now and he wanted a release from me but told me he wanted more than just another "neuro" record haha. So it's been in the making for a while but Korsakov I am here to stay for many future releases!! Yeah based in Rotterdam and actually got to meet the guys when I was living over there so that was great!

Drum and bass is bigger than the UK now so we should be paying attention to labels all over right? Do you feel sometimes people are open minded or closed?
It's growing day by day and it's starting to get more and more into the mainstream industry. More tracks on radio, more artists booked for massive festivals, more syncs happening for film/TV. Dnb is making an impact. Seems to be a lot more open minded people willing to give the music we love a chance aswell. But then again you also have the closed minded who won't touch anything but techno, or EDM or stupid gatekeeping things like that hahaha.

Listening to Gone I really do think you are going to be going places musically and are one to watch.... tell us about who else supports your music.
Thankyou so much!! That track is such a special piece of music to myself and to Marianna. It just came together so beautifully during the first lockdown! And I just love working with her. And writing melody is now one of my fav things. Becoming a songwriter not just a producer was always a huge goal for me. I have gotten support from many huge names who I look up to in the last few years like BSE, SOM, Vegas BCUK, Optiv (RIP), C4C, Gydra, Magnetude, Counterstrike etc....So overwhelming but just makes you feel you are doing something right haha.

What are your goals for the next 5 years?
Keep on making the music I love of course
Talking about my debut album now which I think I am ready for!!
Experiment more and more and always think outside of the square with my music.
And get out there and play many big bookings over the world and meet all the fans!!

Long term goals?
I definitely want to work in an actual recording studio as a mix engineer! And probably consider running my own label eventually.

Festivals or pubs?
Festivals for sure!! 3 days of pure Madness with all your mates and connections. Nothing beats it!!

If I see you out, what are you drinking at the bar?
Start with a few beers, then move to the vodka or gin.

If I gave you £10k what are you doing with it?
Spending it all on building a damn nice studio with proper mixing desk and plenty of analog hardware.

Gigs coming up for this year after Covid lockdown... where are you playing?
So far I've had enquiries to my agencies for Bristol for a few, a couple up in Scotland, Romania has enquired & so far that's it....But always up for more :p

Where would your dream gig be?
Mainstage LIR or one of the bigger stages at Boomtown would be niiiice!!

Do you prefer DJing or producing?
Producing times a million haha

Top 3 upcoming producers we should look out for right now?vI have so many I like at the moment but to pick 3 I'm gonna shout out Dropset, Kaizen Flow & Shayper. All progressing so beautifully each tune.

What do you think about our jungledrumandbass.co.uk website?
I think you guys are doing a wonderful job! Love it.

Lastly - thank you for your time, any shouts and thanks?
Thankyou for having me and yeah gonna give a shout out to Elmar and all at Korsakov. Thanks for the belief in me and giving me this opportunity! Hi too all my friends/family and contacts in the industry, Big thanks to all the fans for continuously supporting...I would not be where I am without you all and I'll see you soon...And lastly thanks to you Aliina for this awesome interview.

Ah, I'm a sucker for people who are grateful and say thanks.... big up to you & All the best for 2021 and beyond!

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