JDNB Interview: Mista Trick

JDNB Interview: Mista Trick

Mista Trick is a Bristol based producer and dj of all things Swing and Bass. Hip-hop / Drum n Bass mixed with 1920's/1940s Swing Era with funk and soul mixed in for good measure.

First of all thanks for taking the time out to talk with usTell us a little about your style, and major influences for writing music?
I’m pulled towards a lot of styles but as long as it gets my mates dancing I’m happy. All things live and with bass I’m happy with. So this could be drum and bass, brassy big band stuff, UK G. Anything with a really good groove that makes people dance. I really like catchy brass lines on songs and I love a phat double bass.

Where did it all start for you?
I’ve been a big fan of spearheads records for a long time and I sent a track over to Steve called In The Red that he signed to spearheads Mood Swings Vol. 4 which was pressed to vinyl, this was a massive achievement for me, since then we’ve been chatting and I thought I’d ask if he wanted to remix a track from my album and here we are.

Tell us more about your Swing & Bass label?
Swing & Bass is a label ran by me and Fizzy Gillespie dedicated to all things fun in drum and bass. It started with music that contains vintage jazz samples but has since evolved on to other sounds from latin to disco. We want to showcase the not so serious sounds of drum n bass and baseline.

You’re well known for your collaborations, who would you say that you enjoyed working with the most over the years?
Kathika was amazing to be with in the studio I learnt a lot from her. Fraser Churchill is an incredible righter and watching him move from a lyric idea that I gave him into a melody was very inspiring. Hypeman Sage turns any instrumental into a banger standard. Joe Rodwell is my secret weapon, he’s fantastic and I recommend him to everyone I know. I also feel we’ve created a great partnership, we worked together on the Mista Trick album and also on Elle & The Pocketbelles album which is coming out soon.  Honestly there are so many people I’ve had the pleasure of working with I’m extremely lucky.

Bcee has remixed Mista Trick’s track ‘Golden Sound’ which has just dropped on Freshly Squeezed
Buy Here!

We’re loving this vibe here at JDNB, so much we Premiered it over on our Soundcloud! 

Let’s talk studio, what gear can we find in the lab?
A macbook tower, a computer that you can modify which I think is key to the future of technology and computers. I have Yamaha HS7 speakers and a nicely treated room that I made myself with rock wool panels. I use a Beringer x air 18 for live shows with ableton live and an iPad for live engineering.

Top 3 VSTs?
FabFilter PRO Q3, FabFilter Pro L, Waves Plugins, 

That one piece of hardware that you’d say is detrimental to your overall sound?
A nice cuppa Tea! :-) (I don’t really do hardware)

Top 3 tips for the budding producer out there?
Be original, make swing & bass and remember it’s dance music so try a make the groove move as your trying to make soul from a soulless device.

What sources do you use for finding samples?
I’ve been collecting for years from various sites, mates and random songs. But you can go overboard and get too many. I’ve started going back over my Reason Refills and finding some great stuff as there is a great search function in Reason 9.

Any new projects we should be on the look out for?
I’ve done a remix of Timabli On My Mind Ft. out in June aswell as Disco Rollers Volume 2

With festival season just around the corner, which ones are you looking forward to most?
Glastonbury Truth Stage and a festival that goes ‘bang' that I’m not allowed to tell anyone about. ;-) but we’re playing festivals every weekend with the live band so look out for Mista Trick Live on the bill.

Where can we catch you playing next?
Depending when this comes out, I’m on tour with Dubioza Kolektiv all over the country and playing at Shindig Festival and Lost Horizon Bristol with Swing & Bass. 

If you could spend 10 minutes on a bench with anyone past or present, who would it be and why?
Probably Prince I think he would have been an interesting person to chat too.

Who would your dream collaboration be?
Oh wow, now that’s a great question, probably Quincy Jones, Rick Ruben, Han Zimmer.

If I meet you at the bar, what are you drinking?
Corona with lime standard. But the new labelling is super odd. 

What would you say you like most about the JDNB website
That you featured me in the past and that there is a lot of content on there. :-)

Thanks for chatting with us, any shout outs or dedications?
Shouts to everyone creating fun drum and bass and not taking the scene too seriously and especially all the people who make the events happen I know how hard they work and how tough the last 2 years have been.

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