JDNB Interview: Ly Da Buddah

JDNB Interview: Ly Da Buddah

Following his Heavyweight Boxers guest mix with us earlier this year and our interview with Ly Da Buddah in 2019, discussing his plans for 2020 and celebrating 25 years of running parties at Braunschweig’s renowned Brain Klub, as for us all, this year has taken a different route and Oliver Lueddecke has delivered in a spectacular way.

Dubbed the ‘Covid Trilogy’, we have been blessed with a triple threat of LPs this year entitled ‘Home’, ‘The New Normal’ and ‘We Are Losing Our Soul’, released through Lyda’s own Monkee Juice imprint and laced with features from legends such as The Ragga Twins, Demolition Man and more.

When not locked up in his studio, Ly Da Buddah has been out on the frontline keeping the culture alive with his motto “Save our culture. Create don't hate. Stay rave. Stay rebel.” We caught up with him to find out how.


Big up Ly Da and thanks for taking the time to talk to us.

Last time you met with us we spoke about your plans for 2020, like the rest of us, plans have changed, but congratulations - you are representing Braunschweig in a different way. Tell us about the motivation behind delivering 3 LPs this year?

There are two main motivations behind delivering three LP´s this year, plus a single with Lee Perry and Monch MC, a vinyl with Dengue Dengue Dengue, one EP with Dutta on Kartoons, one EP on Ghetto Dub and some more singles. First: It helps me to stay alive. Producing music, spreading good vibes, and in normal times going crazy at parties is what I need to feel nice. Without the possibility to perform live since eight months  the best medicine for me against frustration is producing music and dancing in my studio. I took all my time and locked me up, like a maniac, producing 10-12 hours a day, seven days a week. Second: Music, art and social gatherings are the soul of our society. Because of the Covid restrictions there are no social gatherings. This has a very bad effect on all of us. You realise it for example on social media channels where people, who were friends at parties, are hating each other online only because of different views on the actual situation.. Always remember: The borders are not between the people, the borders are between the rich and the poor. So, releasing music is good for the community, it is entertainment for the people and a reminder of good times. The power of music is a healing for our society.

Tell us about your history working with The Ragga Twins. ‘Good Times V1967’ on your 3rd LP this year is wicked.

Thanks! These guys are legends. They deliver every time for decades, they are such nice people and do a lot for their community. I booked them the first time in the 90´s and played a couple of gigs with them, we did some interviews for the Headliner Mag and always had a great time. I asked them at the beginning of this year if they wanted to do a combination. “Good Times” was perfect for the first Album. I have done hundreds of versions since then and am really happy with the new one for this Album. I called it  V1967 because it is a magical number in our town.

For those that don’t know, what’s Monkeejuice all about and how did it begin? We love the artwork and sticker designs - wonky!

Monkeejuice are Dennis Gabbana and me. We know each other since our youth and had a lot of Monkeejuice together. You know I love dark, dirty clubs, when the sweat is coming from the roof, totally different people coming together, with wild energy in their eyes, the bass is shaking your bones and everything is melting together. It is about our senses and possibilities. I love stimulating what we have, and there is so much. So I feel alive. Combining audio and optic is just one logical step of many. And Dennis is such a great designer. We have a little online shop where we sell our stupid stuff, painted on some Festivals like Fusion and started paddling with a canoe this year,  with his both Chihuahuas.

You’ve been doing all you can through COVID to fight for our culture. I spotted your features in the local papers and you’ve been supported by The Department of Culture and Science of the City of Braunschweig. In September we also spotted you out on the streets spreading the vibes on wheels! Tell us a little more about that.

The electronic music scene with all the stuff, artists, clubs is not organised. They never had to. And there is no strong lobby. A lot of things were going on since March and I tried to do my best here. I did interviews with big newspapers, organised some sweet guerrilla actions, talked to politicians, and tried to get our needs on the table. The big demonstration where I played on the solar driven soundsystem was against the Nazi scum.

[Ly Da Buddah on Sonnensystem. Photo: Bob Skywalker]

Any advice to DJs and producers who have struggled with motivation during 2020?

When it is your hobby, just do what you feel and roll on with it. If it is your work, try to look for each possibility to get money from the government, if there are some, until you are allowed to work again, so you can pay your rent and have food on your table. Work on your daily routine. Let loose with the music and live in the moment.

Let’s take it right back. What was the first track that hooked you on drum and bass and how did your journey begin?

Oooh. I started Djing in the 90's. I played Reggae/Dancehall with my Soundsystem “Motagen Sound”. I also loved to play Detroit Techno and experimental music like Ambient, Trip Hop and so on. Buzz T, the guy I started the soundsystem with loved to drop good Moving Shadow and Metalheadz music. He introduced me to Jungle. There was no specific track, it was all about the vibes.

What can we expect from you musically in 2021?

Haha - it is not done for this year. I did a wicked remix for DJ Gaw and K-Jah remixed one of my tracks, both will be released during Christmas time on a huge Ghetto Dub compilation. About next year, it is very hard to plan when the perspective is totally unclear. So I have more than one plan. I would love to go on tour, as I would have done this year with my 25 years Ly Da Buddah tour. I would have been in South America at the moment, playing in different countries. Starting with my own events again at Brain Klub as soon as possible, the line ups on my list are dangerous. There will be a lot of releases on my own and on other labels, I am working on some phenomenal combinations at the moment,...

Favourite party to get back to next year in the hope that COVID is behind us?

Each party at Brain Klub. Fusion festival. Sun and Bass. Radikal Styles.

Thanks for sitting down with us again. Any shouts?

Thank you very much for the interview! Biiiig up the dnb family, international and specially in Braunschweig. It is incredible how much love they have to give. Please help your local artists and shops. Let us keep the underground alive. Stay rave. Stay rebel.

Much love Ly Da, speak soon. 


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