JDNB Interview: Joely

JDNB Interview: Joely

Joely is an underground electronic music producer from Nottingham, Uk.  His main goal in music is to push his own sound and be unique as he never wants to follow trend or “what’s in right now”. Joely has been producing a number of years now and is excelling with every tune he makes.  As well as being part of the collective Dungeon Kru, Joely has released solo on many great dnb labels including Liondub International, DNB Allstars, Lickwood & Gunshot and now 24 Karat Recordings, where we see him drop 2 stinkers to mash up any dance.

Hi and thanks for chatting with us again at JDNB?

Safe! It's an absolute pleasure brother!

Let's start with how many tracks you made last year …mans a workhorse right?

Easily over 150 last year, I’m a firm believer in non-stop work and using every second of spare time you have if you want to make a name for yourself in this industry, 

What's the total so far this year?

This year about 40/50 as I've been substantially busier with other aspects of life I aim to hit the hundred mark by December.

What would you say has been your biggest achievement since we last chatted?

Definitely my headline tour in New Zealand!

Any other achievements that have blown your mind?

Honestly the following i've got is just insane, I never started making music with the intention of it going anywhere so the fact I am where I am now is amazing & I will be forever thankful to every person who decides to stream my music <3 

Your recent release ‘Catching Cases’ on 24 Karat Recordings is finally upon us, which track did you have the most fun making?

Both of them, I think both of them showcase my style of production nicely, straight wonk!

Is this your first time out on 24 Karat Recordings?

Yeah, large up Danny Styles!

What bit of advice would you give up and coming producers and how to get their demos to labels?

Push. Unique. Sounding. Music. Don’t be another generic gary.

Which 24 Karat release would you love to remix?

Whichever one Danny will let me haha!

Just for fun, you can book 5djs and 5mcs, who are you booking?

Mistik   Mc Ad

Enei       Jakes

Jubei    AC MC

Bladerunner    Freddy B

Deep Notion    Banditt Emcee

Where can people catch you in the coming months??

I have forthcoming shows in Notts, Birstol, Brighton and Manchester!

How can people book you to DJ right now? I'm surprised an agency aint snapped you up yet?

I'm currently a lone wolf due to some fuckery happening that I won't go into detail, my email for bookings is currently Bookjoely@hotmail.com

What would you say you like most about the www.jungledrumandbass.co.uk website?

Everything, it’s a fun website to explore 

Thanks for your time. Lastly, any thanks or shoutouts?









'Catching Cases' is out now on 24 Karat Recordings: Download Here

Joely Socials:

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24 Karat Recordings Socials:

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Twitter / Instagram 

Interviewed And Edited By: Chilla

Published: 19/06/2022