JDNB Interview - Flat T

JDNB Interview - Flat T

Flat T is a Producer/DJ/Musician hailing from Lowestoft, Suffolk, now located in the nearby city of Norwich. Flat T produces all styles of drum and bass. drumstep, dubstep, breakbeat and hip-hop. Flat T's love of music began probably before he could even walk being born into a musical family. He started playing instruments like the guitar around the age of 12 and was in his first band at 13. He discovered his passion for Jungle/DnB at around the same time listening to tape packs around 94/95 and inspired by DJ's like Randall, Hype, Andy C, Ray Keith and Brockie to name a few. This is where the drum and bass journey started.

Flat T didn't actually start producing/DJing until a bit later on, around 2001 when he started a music course at Lowestoft college. This is where he became friends with DJ Dominator and the pair began making dark dnb tracks together around 2002/2003. Things didn't get serious until they received interest from Deadly Records and got their first release 'LIVING HELL/INVENTION'  in 2009. From then on things progressed as the pair began to get noticed for mostly their jump up tracks at the time and releases followed on labels such as DTR, HEeavy Cut, and G13 with 'Mind Body and Soul EP' and 'Remove Fingerprint'. 

After the success of these releases Dominator and Flat T then signed to MC Fatman D's imprint Biological Beats along with fresh producer Telekom and released the acclaimed ‘World Domination EP’. Since then things have got bigger as DJ support from the top players is growing fast. FLAT T is now receiving dj support from some top names like ANDY C, RANDALL, HYPE, NICKY BLACKMARKET, GROOVERIDER, CRISSY CRISS, HAZARD, KENNY KEN, GUV, BROCKIE, PROFILE, ORIGIN, PROPZ AND ROWNEY and many more…

Since then Flat T refined his sound to focus on deep rolling DnB and has worked with many top labels in the scene such as Mac II, Ruffneck Ting, Natty Dub, 36HZ, Audio Addict, Four Corners and just recently Liondub International.  We had a catch up to find out more about his 'High Rollers Vol.2' release which is out now on the New York based label.

Thanks for chatting with us here at JDNB.  How have you been coping with the Covid-19 Pandemic and what have you been doing to fill your time?

Hey guys ! It’s been up and down really it’s been a horrible 12 months for everyone but as my workplace is closed currently I have had the luxury of focusing on music full time which has been really beneficial so far ! Also been practicing my darts skills and going for long bike rides which is always fun ! 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you get your musical ability from?

So I was born in 1982 I come from Lowestoft Suffolk originally and went to high school in Beccles, after that I went to music College in Lowestoft for 2 years. Then I moved to Norwich in 2002. 

I was born into a very artistic family my Mother did painting and my Dad was a music and Hi fi enthusiast who used to play in bands in his youth. I was always around music from birth really as my parents were always listening to different music. I started learning guitar when I was about 12 also listened to a lot of take packs of Drum and Bass in the 90’s and then music production at college from about 2001 where I 1first became friends with Neil Aldred [Dominator] RIP 

What would you say has been your 3 biggest achievements so far within the drum and bass scene?

1 – Having a release on my fav ever DJ Randall’s label MAC II 

2 – Playing a DJ set in the mountains of Spain at Mount Bassjam in 2017

3 – My 1st ever release with Dominator in 2009  

What does your studio consist of, and what’s your fav plug-in?

Currently hardware wise I have a pair of Adam A8X monitors (which I absolutely love) a Motu Ultralite mk3 soundcard, A Korg microkorg which I also use as my midi keyboard, a Yamaha CS2X which has some great sounds on it! 

The software I like to use is Cubase 10.5 or Studio one v4 DAWs, and fav plugins I like all the classics really – Native Instruments, Fabfilter, Izotope, Brainworks, Waves Serum etc I also really like Addictive Drums 2 

Any new producers we should be keeping our ears open for?

There’s too many to mention – but especially Pharoah, Kontakt and Shayper are some local boys from Norwich who are doing some serious damage and are all going places! If you haven’t – check out their tunes, they are banging ! 

Your recent release ‘High Rollers Vol.2’ is out now on Liondub International.  Amazing production as always from yourself!  Which track did you have the most fun making?

I would have to say Rock the Beat. I really enjoyed the process. I wanted to make a funky bass roller at the time and make it as organic as possible but still have the energy and power on the dancefloor. So I used a bass sim on NI kontakt for the bassline and played in the riff I liked, and then with the Drums I added some clever layering to make the drums have that real ‘live’ sound, then some jazzy guitar stabs etc to add extra spice 

What bit of advice would you give to new producers wanting to get their tracks heard by the major labels?

Firstly follow the rules of the labels demo procedure or they won’t listen in the 1st place and be professional with your communication. Also keep trying and never give up ! Be open to constructive criticism, and above all – take the time to learn your craft and only send tunes that you are 100% happy with. If your music is good and your attitude is right you should get results  

Which track are you going to drop 1st once we can get back to club nights?

Oooo that's a tough one !! Probably my Baby D Daydreaming bootleg (look out for that one!) 

Where do you get your inspiration from when making tracks? 

I think usually my gut. It’s been extra hard this year because without being out at raves it’s harder to get inspired. My normal process is just jamming out 16 or 32 bar ideas then hoping to catch a vibe. Once you get that feeling then I know whether to push on a finish the track or leave it  

If you could remix one track from Liondub International, which one would it be? 

Easy choice – Saxxon – Big Mumma 

Name your top 5 Liondub International tracks?

Saxxon – Big Mumma

Pharoah – Party

Saxxon – Yo Yo

Jayline – No more Tears

Pharoah – Mirage

What are your goals for the next year?

Get back to playing shows again, moving forward and staying consistent with my releases, and getting everything back to some sort of normal !! 

What would you say you like most about the www.jungledrumandbass.co.uk website?

It’s a slick looking site and a great place to discover new music and connect with the artists in a deeper way .

Thanks for your time.  Lastly any thanks or shoutouts? 

All my Norwich cru (too many names to mention you know who you are !!) Everybody who has supported my music, My family for their constant love and support my girlfriend Rachel, Dominator (RIP) and a special mention to my brother J2B (Jonny Fiddament) who sadly passed away last week RIP x 

'High Rollers Vol.2: Flat T' is out now on Liondub International: Download / Stream Here

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Interviewed And Edited By: Chilla

Published: 26/03/2021