JDNB Interview: Ego Trippin

JDNB Interview: Ego Trippin

Ego Trippin comprises of two artists Matt and Ian And was formed in 2001. Both have been involved in music production and DJ'ing since the early days of Jungle / Drum and Bass. During this time they have both continued to evolve with the scenes changes and are pushing the boundaries in both sectors

JDNB Chats with the duo that is Matt & Ian aka Ego Trippin

First off, thanks for taking the time out to chat with us! What’s been going on over at Ego HQ?
We’ve Just dropped a brand new ep called High Times on low down deep. Which has gone down well. Next up for us is a track for low down deep 200th release called X-Rated, and a release on our own imprint “Super Lit” entitled Return to Whompsvile.

Your signature ‘Ego’ sound is now a staple in any Jump Up set, how many years have you been at it?
Matt’s first release was in 1996 and myself was 1999. Ego Trippin was born 2001.

Tell us a little about your respective journeys so far?
Originally it was three of us, DJ Embee aka Martin Blackman who left about 2004. So myself (Ian) and Matt carried on with the brand working with the likes of Mickey Finn, DJ Hype and Andy C. Later on we joined up with low down deep and have continued to do so till present.

How long have you known each other?
Since early school years where we were both skateboarders and DJ’s!

How does the dynamic work between you both?
We're both into the same styles of music, and have similar roots in the scene.

What has been your favourite project / EP so far?
All City LP on low down deep.

Any upcoming music to be on the lookout for?
Next releases on low down deep coming soon. 

Return to Whompsville on Super Lit.

Ego Trippin Presents Various Artist Vol 1 on Hi DEF

Ego Trippin have just released their brand-new EP ‘High Times’ on Low Down Deep!
Buy Here

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Let’s talk studio, what can we find in the lab?
Lots of hardware and lashings of bollocks cream lol.

What piece of hardware would you say is detrimental to your sound?
Our sound comes from so many different pieces of hardware, every piece brings something different to the table.

Top 3 plug-ins you wouldn’t be without?
1. UAD

2. Waves

3. Omnisphere

Top 3 studio tips for the budding producers out there?
1. Never leave your studio

2. Think out side the box

3. Find your own sound

So… Fresh Bollocks Cream? Would you say it’s an essential piece of kit for any studio?
Yes it keeps your balls silky smooth and smelling fresh for the occasion!

We hear you’ve just dropped a brand-new mix with Eksman? Tell us more!
We got the call from Eks to do a mix and to team up to form Hard Hitterz! The mix is out now on Soundcloud & Spotify 

Huge mix! Big ups 

With festival season right around the corner, which ones are you guys looking forward to?
Westfest and 20 Years of Breakin Science.

Where can we catch you performing next?
XOYO for Problem Central

What would you say you like most about the JDNB website?
It's a well laid out site, with loads of great content which keeps us up to date on what’s happening in our scene.

Thanks for chatting with us! Any Shoutouts or dedications?
Shouts to Logan D, Eksman, Evil B, Majistrate, all the Low Down Deep crew, Urban Agency, and our better halves Emma & Lee Anne!

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Interview conducted and edited by DJ Onit