JDNB Interview - Dungeon Kru

JDNB Interview - Dungeon Kru

Taking the next leap forward in their evolution, Dungeon Kru have focused their collective energy on the production side of things. Welcoming prodigious studiosmith Visuals (ENG) to the fold, charter members DJ Slick (CAN) and Willy Gyalis (CAN) have formed a formidable beat making triumvirate poised to leave an indelible impression on the Drum & Bass landscape. With music already signed for forthcoming release on established independents Liondub International, Playside 175 Recordings , Pick 'N' Mix and their own imprint Lickwood & Gunshot. 

With their recent LP 'Family' out now on Liondub International we had a chat to find out more about the project and to find out what's new with Dungeon Kru.

How have you been keeping yourself occupied during the Covid-19 Pandemic this last year? 

Just trying to stay as busy as possible in the studio.

Tell us a bit about where you are from and what the dnb scene is like there? 

Well Dungeon Kru started in Toronto in 2003. We now have members based in Toronto (Willy Gyallis, Dj Slick, Bandit Emcee) and Manchester (Visuals). The scene here in Toronto is very strong as is in Manchester. So many amazing producers, djs and M.C's.

So bring us up to date with what’s been going on behind the scenes with Dungeon Kru? I hear there have been some additions? 

We have recently welcomed Joely and Liondub. We all have been working on tunes for a while together. So it just made sense for us all.

What would you say has been your 3 biggest achievements so far within the drum and bass scene? 

1st definitely singing with Liondub International. 2nd having every release hit number 1 on Juno. 3rd the Family album.was amazing to be able to work with so many artists we have watched grow on our label (Lickwood & Gunshot) and artists we have grown up listening to.

What does your studio consist of and what’s your fav plug-in? 

PC, Maschine and Fruity Loops.

Which track are you playing first when we get to play in clubs again? 

Rumble featuring Demarco - Mind Games (Dungeon Kru, Dunk and Liondub) Remix

Any new producers we should be keeping our ears open for? 

So many to name. Yatuza, Joely, B-Plexx, Stillz, Pyro, Dunk Falco, Eztee, TKay to name a few.

Your recent release ‘Family LP’ on Liondub International features some great collabs.  Who came up with the idea for this project and what does Family mean to you? 

Nothing was planned out. We just started working on tunes with our homies. It was a great way to stay connected with friends during these hard times. Before we knew it. We were sitting on enough tunes to release a LP Liondub came up with the name and it really fits. As everyone on the album are people we consider fam.

Where do you get your inspiration from when making tracks? 

We love to dig for samples. So we find something we like and we just vibe off of it. 

If you could remix one track from Liondub International, which one would it be? 

Jah Cure-Never Find (Marcus Visionary remix)

Name your top 5 Liondub International tracks? 

Marcus Visionary featuring Sugar Minott - Ruff & Tuff

Marcus Visionary featuring Johnny Osbourne - Rock It Tonight

Navigator featuring Skarramuccci - Sound The Alarm (Serum Remix)

Dungeon Kru - Pushing (Dunk Remix)

Kumo and Liondub featuring Patexx - War Start

Just for fun, you can book 5djs and 5mcs, who you booking? 

Hazard with Evil B, Bou with Trigga, LTJ bukem with Conrad, Bryan Gee with Bassman and Serum with Inja.

What are your goals for the next year? 

Keep making as much music as possible 

What would you say you like most about the www.jungledrumandbass.co.uk website?

We love that you constantly support Liondub International and our friends.

Thanks for your time.  Lastly any thanks or shoutouts? 

Shout out to the whole Liondub International and Dungeon Kru fam. All the Tdot jungle massive and anyone supporting us.

The 'Family' album by Dungeon Kru is out now on Liondub International: Download / Stream Here

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Interviewed And Edited By: Chilla

Published: 08/03/2021