JDNB Interview: Dropset

JDNB Interview: Dropset

Dropset is a producer from Pittsburgh, USA, specialising in the heavier neuro side of the drum n bass scene.

With release's on C4C Recordings, Bad Taste Recordings, Dirtbox, Neuroheadz and most recently Evolution Chamber alongside Volatile Cycle and Konquest with 'Close Your Eyes'. We thought we would have a quick chat and find out more about the latest release.

Hi and thanks for talking to us here at JDNB.  First of all, introduce yourself and tell us what got you into drum and bass?

Thanks for having me! I started going to raves around the year 2000 and listened to all different genres, but a few years in I saw Dara play here in Pittsburgh and after that it was all dnb all the time. 

How have you seen the Neuro scene in the US develop over the years?

Hmm. DnB in general has always ebbed and flowed in the US. I guess some big dubstep DJ’s have been dropping a few dnb tunes in their sets which is cool I guess? Let’s just say there’s a reason why US artists like Gridlok moved to Europe lol. 

What's your go to studio snack?

I’m actually not a big snacker. I’m a personal trainer by day so I eat pretty healthy. I eat every 3 hours typically, so I usually just take a meal break lol 

Your latest track ‘Close Your Eyes’, out now on Evolution Chamber, is a huge epic link up with VC and Konquest. How did you find the process of making the track with the others?

This one started with Konquest sketching an intro with his vocal. He showed us a clip and we knew we could smash it. I made up some sounds and sent them off to VC to write with, along with what Konquest had already done. We put our collective heads together a few times to get everything rounded out, then she was off to the label. 

It's not your first time working together as a collective either is it? Guessing you must love working together?

For sure . We’re all friends anyway and chat a good bit outside of music. One of us is always working on something and we always send WIP clips. At any given moment VC and I have about 10 projects going. Some end up falling by the wayside but the cream rises to the top. 

I hear there may be an alias in the pipeline?

We’ve discussed it! Not sure what’s going to happen with that but at this point it might make sense. 

What advice would you give to any aspiring producers that are looking to get their tracks heard by labels?

Be patient. Get used to rejection. Be consistent with working and refining your skills. Always be learning. Be professional. 

What are your Top 3 Evolution Chamber tracks?

Magnetude - Valhalla

Ekwols - Hyena

Task Horizon - Disintegrate (Burr Oak remix)

What can we expect from you in the future, any more releases on Evolution Chamber?

We’re actually rounding out another for Evo at the moment! They’ve been a pleasure to work with. James puts his heart and soul into each release and it’s honestly so humbling to be supported by a legend like him. 

Thanks so much for your time, lastly any thanks or shout outs?

Just one big all encompassing thank you to everyone who supports the tunes, whether that’s buying, streaming, playing live, or even just dropping a like or a comment on a promo post. A little bit goes a long way. Thanks for the chat! 

'Close Your Eyes' by Volatile Cycle, Dropset & Konquest is out now on Evolution Chamber: Download / Stream Here

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Interviewed And Edited By: Chilla

Published: 04/06/2024