JDNB Interview - Deploy

JDNB Interview - Deploy

Mark Cousins, AKA Deploy, is a multi-faceted Drum and Bass Producer and DJ. His musical background being conceived in indie bands, Mark honed his songwriting and vocal abilities until returning to his first love of dance music - DnB in particular. 

For the past few years Mark has heavily developed his skills as a producer, having released on Dread Recordings, Dance Concept Recordings, Spearhead Records and his own label DTM Recordings. Mark’s dedication to working on his music production to achieve a sharp and authentic sound has led to a varied output of music styles. As Deploy, Mark uses his experience to create DnB tunes that vary from structured songs to dirty rollers. 
To explore other musical endeavors, he also uses the vocalist alias of Dylan Wilde which allows him to carry on experimenting with songwriting and singing - which is evident on several of Deploy’s tracks. Mark is releasing music consistently which is forging a solid foundation within the dance music scene.

He's kindly done us a wicked mix, and we catch up to find out more for 2022!


So "We Could Have It All" drops on the 19th August exclusively on beatport? Tell us about DTM recordings and what inspired the tracks on the EP?

DTM Recordings gives me an outlet to write and release all kinds of music - although I’ve developed a style over the last few years with Deploy there’s some releases on the way under Dylan Wilde in different genres and it just means that I'm free to experiment knowing that the tracks will see the light of day.

The EP tracks are a reflection of the last couple of years really. We Could Have It All is an optimistic track about overcoming adversity but the other two tracks are deeper and introspective, the lyrics are pretty straight forward and I like the contrast between the tracks - you can't have the light without the dark.

I was once asked if I could make my lyrics more positive but shit happens in life and it's good to acknowledge it and explore it lyrically. Get it out and move on!


 Buy Link - https://cygnusmusic.link/mea4dpl


So Dylan Wilde is you?

Yeah the vocals are me. I get that they might not be everyone's cup of tea but again, I want to experiment and it just helped to create an alias. I think that’s where part of Jungle / DnB's strengths lie though, anything goes as long as it's got a vibe.


So last time we caught up was 2021, has much happened since then?https://jungledrumandbass.co.uk/interview/jdnb-interview-deploy )

I released a string of tracks on DTM in 2021 and collabed with Benny V on a Spearhead release which was wicked. I’ve had some really strong support from BBC Introducing for the tracks on the label and I’ve started song writing again which I’ve been wanting to do for some time.


So tell us about Fabric with Dance Concept and Micky Finn!

Yeah that was one of the last gigs before lockdown.

It was also the last time I played out - had to dust off the decks for this mix :) Warming up for Micky Finn was wicked he’s one of the originators so big up to him.


How is the studio tan holding up:

I actually have a real tan this year! I've had a new outlook on life recently and I’ve been enjoying the sun - even started growing some veg in the garden.


How many hours a week do you think you spend in the studio?

Recent changes have meant I can be in there 8 hours a day, I’m in the studio when ever I can be. The whole process is completely therapeutic so I get lost in it.


So your track "My Sound" got played on the BBC you must of been stoked about that right?

Yeah, when you hear your track being played back to back with other tracks, totally different genres and at such high quality it's a buzz. They’ve discovered some really talented artists and pushed them through recently. They’ve supported a few of the label's releases over the past year.


And recently you spent some time in the studio with Bladerunner right?

Yeah, always good to connect with Bladerunner, his production is seriously next level and he's a sound guy. We’ve worked on some bits over the years since I met him through Ray. I’ve learnt a lot from him, and Ray, production wise.


Tell us about the track you remixed for Lacy Phillips AKA Uncle Earl!

I love working with vocalists, the original was kind of a disco vibe and when I heard Lacy’s vocal hook I could hear a whole tune around - it pretty much wrote itself which is always a bonus. It's had a lot of radio play in the US and there’s another version coming later this year, wicked vibes!


So what's up next for you and your long and short term goals?

I actually haven’t got any specific goals. I’m open to anything both in and out of the studio. Writing music and getting my Vit D fix while its here are the only plans right now!


So what do you think about the JDNB website and it's growth / changes?

Yeah, I noticed the changes recently, it's all looking wicked. Everyone knows you guys have great content with all corners of the jungle and DnB vibes covered! The sample packs and services are are welcome addition too.


Well thank you - If you could work with one person, who would it be and why?

No one person for me - I love working with anyone who has a passion for music, in any genre.


So you play the guitar, and feature that on your music, do you play any other instruments?

I can play some chords on the piano but I’m mostly a guitarist, its easier for me to pick it up and work things out than any other instrument.


And have you got any grades in music or just all self taught?

I had guitar lessons when I was a kid - though I remember one lesson turned into 4 hours of trying to find a key to let the tutor out of the studio room he got locked in - so I mainly learnt through the bands I was in!


If you could play one instrument, what would it be and why?

Definitely the piano because of how you can articulate so many different emotions with it, I could watch someone play for hours.


So update us on your top 5 tracks right now? 


1) Falling - Deploy

2) Freedom - Deploy

3) Feels Like Heaven - Bladerunner

4) Total Science - Brake -  Squash Remix

5) Sound System - Alibi



Such wicked tunes. Well thank you for reaching out to us for some updates again! An shouts and thanks?

Yeah to you guys at JDNB for the interviews and supporting my music for the last couple of years.

Thanks to everyone who plays, streams and downloads the tracks, it's wicked!


Thank you too. Big up, and all the best for 2022 and beyond, can't wait to see what's next from you!

Interview by Missrepresent - August 2022
Soundcloud - @deploymusicuk