JDNB Interview: The Burner Brothers

JDNB Interview: The Burner Brothers

For over two decades, The Burner Brothers’ name has been synonymous with the term “drum & bass” in the States. Now a duo comprised of founding members DJ Seen and CT Burners, The Burner Brothers name has run rampant throughout the scene, from being a part of Rawkus’ seminal stateside dnb imprint Raw.kuts to racking up releases on Technique Recordings, Jungle Sky, Formation, Flex, Subsonik Sound, and of course their own imprint, Patrol The Skies Music. Most recently they returned to Patrol The Skies for the release of their long-awaited debut album, One for the Road, released mid-February this year, covering an array of tempos and styles.

To mark the release of this LP we’ve been blessed with, The Burner Brothers’ have passed through the JDNB camp, executing a 30 minute mix as the latest in the JDNB: Shadow Boxers series and have taken the time to sit down and catch up with us.

Big up both, thanks for joining us. For those that are new to The Burner Brothers sound, tell us a little about your extensive history?

Hi! Thanx for having us on. We’ve both been djing since around 1994, started producing in 1998, we own Patrol the Skies Music, have played some amazing events with great artists we respect dearly, released music on some amazing labels, and have met an incredible amount of beautiful people throughout the years in the scene. 

Let’s go even further back. For the youngest on the scene, how did it all start for you and how did you form your signature styles? 

We are from the east coast of the united states and came up in the ’90s so our style was always very upfront, we started djing a mix of ragga and jump up at legendary weekly parties like Konkrete Jungle in NYC, as the sound progressed we found ourselves getting more into the drum and bass sound. Around 98 we started producing and have had releases on early American labels like Rawkuts, Liquid Sky and have gone to release on others like Formation, Flex, Technique & Nemesis. After all these years we think our style is still upfront no matter what subgenre we are working on. We like to give our music a lil edge

One for the Road! Which tracks on the album came around the fastest and which were slow burners? (No pun intended, honest).

Losing Myself was the first tune that made the album, it feels like they all took a lot of time because of all the different collabs plus everyone’s schedule doesn’t always match. As far as the song ideas those happened in different sessions in the span of a few years when we could get together or had time to work in our own studios. When we are in the studio we usually try to get into a vibe, get the bones of the song laid out, and go from there; that’s when the finessing starts and the real work begins until we get to a final mix that we are happy with.  It’s definitely a process and we’ve learned a lot. Working with all these incredible artists made the making of the album a lot more fun so that’s the silver lining when you look back at the time it all took to come together.

Last drink at the bar, your friend turns to you and asks, ‘one for the road?’, what are you drinking?

If we are not driving, then definitely a whiskey.  

T.R.A.C is a personal favourite on the mic for me, how did the link come about with him and the other vocalists on ‘Alchemy’?

We’ve known Terrence for a very long time, we saw him come up literally thru the konkrete jungle and respect his growth as an artist, he has bars for days and has perfected the hip hop flow over drum and bass which a lot of folks cannot do, for Alchemy we had a connect to CL Smooth, and were able to get a verse from the legend himself, having that locked we reached out T.R.A.C. and Posi-D, one the earliest DNB MC’s in the USA but needed a hook so we sent the track with all the verses to the talented Christina Tamayo who slayed it. Working on this song was really special.  

The impossible question – favourite drum and bass track of all time?

That’s a really rough and unfair question hahaha in the span of decades, there have been so many great songs it’s really hard to pick one.  Spiritual Aura, 4 Days, Turbulence, LK, Be True,  anything Marcus Intalex… yeah, this one is truly an impossible one to answer. =)

Favourite non-DnB track of all time?

MC Hammer - Can't Touch This 

Favourite track on the album?

All of them really, they all have their own thing that makes them unique and special to us.

Tell us about your studio setup and how things have been working together over the COVID period?

We don’t live far from each other so we try to link up when possible, we had finished most of the album right before covid so it really wasn’t an issue.  We both have our own studios so we can always send each other files. Both of us have typical setups MacBook pros with logic, and a ton of plugins, at CT’s studio we have the outboard gear and we think the most complete set up so we tend to do most of our work from The Inferno as we like to call it.

What’s up next for you guys?

Now that the album is out we are going back to the studio to work on some new music, we already have some good collaborations in the works and hope to be able to play gigs again at some point when it’s possible after this pandemic.  We also have a One For The Road Remix EP down the line so that should be something to look forward to. 

Thanks so much for taking the time out to speak with us, any shouts?

The pleasure was all ours, thanks for having us! Big up to every single junglist worldwide who has been a supporter and is streaming our album! Much love to all the DJs and blogs who are supporting our vibe!

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